Yassify Bot turns everyone into filtered nightmares and it’s terrifying

Yassify Bot / Twitter

Have you recently had a wildly filtered version of Toni Collette in your nightmares? Perhaps you have found yourself terrified of a “Red Light Green Light” profile girl from Squid game? You can thank the classification for this.

Complimenting someone with the phrase “yass queen” has become much more popular after it was propelled into mainstream audiences thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Big city, and can be used to build the recipient’s confidence endlessly.

The process of “yassification” emerged from the sentence in the form of heavily altered images that “glam-up” the subject to extreme proportions, leaving their faces almost blurry as he attempts to smooth out “imperfections” and d ‘add perfectly shaped eyebrows. and dramatic eyes.

The end result of Yassification is, for the most part, not as glowing as the phrase it is derived from, and as the trend spread across social media, it actually resulted in some pretty gruesome creations.

There doesn’t appear to be a celebrity or member of pop culture who has managed to avoid the Yassification process recently, with much of the legwork being done by Twitter user @YassifyBot.

Although their handle suggests otherwise, @YassifyBot isn’t actually a bot, but rather 22-year-old art student Denver Adams, whose account pokes fun at the length of some of the makeover apps in order to glamorize the user.

Within hours, Twitter user Yassified the likes of Kevin James as Paul Blart, Henry Cavill in The witcher and characters from Harry potter into barely recognizable, heavily made-up versions of themselves, transforming previously beloved characters into spooky, cartoonish new forms.

The already scary The Lord of the Rings Gollum’s character became even more terrifying after undergoing Yassification, while Kim Kardashian got away with staying exactly the same.

According to Buzzfeed News, Adams explained that their designs “shed light” on the problem faced by people using FaceApp, saying, “This app is genuinely used by people. I think there is a conversation to be had about how unhealthy this culture is. Technology like this has a creepy way of making it so eerily realistic that it makes people uncomfortable.

The artist’s work has been so well received that they now receive thousands of requests for the classification of their favorite A-listers, after which Adams applies “all the craziest makeup and glamorous touch-ups.”

It is safe to say that no one is safe when it comes to Assification; it’s a trend where we’ll just have to sit down and try to enjoy the ride.

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