Water filters make life easier for victims of domestic violence


TAPP Water (Malta)

The local company TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd continued its donation of four of its water filters last year to Fondazzjoni Sebħ with the donation of 13 additional water filters.

The new filters were installed at Il-Milja in Zejtun, a shelter for 12 families, survivors of domestic violence, after-care accommodation for three families and a community support service.

These are just a few of the comments made by women, including some victims of domestic violence, following the installation of TAPP water filters:

  • “It’s handy to have because it saves me trips to the store.”
  • “I really like that I don’t have to carry packs of water every time I go shopping, especially now that I’m pregnant and can’t carry heavy items.
  • “Now that I have this (filter), I never run out of drinking water. “
  • It’s a shame how much plastic I had to throw away before I got this water filter.
  • “I save money because I don’t have to constantly buy bottled water.”

Fondazzjoni Sebħ is a non-governmental organization that provides residential services for children and young people, shelter and after-care service for abused women and their children, as well as community service for residents of Hamrun and Marsa. She is also working on other projects, including the development of a therapeutic center.

TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd CEO Phil Richards said he was proud to make this small contribution to the day-to-day running of homes, which in addition to ensuring that single-use plastics do not have to enter in these places, also makes their life more environmentally friendly, with lower running costs.

Mr. Richards said he fully supports the foundation’s ethics of striving to create an environment conducive to growth, recovery and fulfillment, ensuring the dignity and dignity of every individual, children and women. families for a more inclusive society.

Fondazzjoni Sebħ can be contacted through their website or on Facebook.

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