Updated LG face mask with air purifier to release next month


We have new details on the high-tech LG face mask which was originally unveiled last year. Known as the LG PuriCare portable air purifier, it contains air filters and fans along with voice amplification and more to provide users with an arguably more effective solution than a conventional based face cover. of paper and materials. The new LG PuriCare portable air purifier is expected to launch to the public starting next month, and you can see it up close below.

High-tech LG face mask

The new LG face mask was unveiled last year, but the brand has now improved specs and features ahead of the official release.

The LG PuriCare portable air purifier houses a 1,000mAh battery – versus the 820mAh power pack it debuted with – that charges in about two hours via a USB cable and will last up to eight. hours at a time.

It also contains replaceable HEPA style filters, as well as built-in fans to filter the incoming air around you. The latest version of the high-tech LG face mask features a smaller, lighter motor to power everything, although it still runs for the same 8 hours and weighs 94 grams.

With all this technology, you can imagine how muffled your voice would be trying to conduct a conversation. And you would be right. But LG has now installed its ‘VoiceOn’ technology which automatically recognizes when you speak and activates the mask’s built-in microphone, speaker and voice amplifier so you can be heard loud and clear – much like the Xupermask or the Xupermask from will.i.am. the high-tech Razer face mask we featured earlier with N95 filtration, voice amplification, and even RGB lighting the brand is known for.

The new LG face mask will launch in Thailand from next month – the Thai Olympic team recently wore them en route to Tokyo. But it seems he’s still waiting for local regulators to approve his design for other regions. There’s no word on a timeline here or an official price tag yet.

9to5Toys point of view:

Well, for some, we start to feel like we are ready to put the masks away, but we really are not yet. As the pandemic continues alongside a host of environmental issues, it looks like these things are here to stay, at least for some time to come. It’s important to point out that LG doesn’t market the PuriCare portable air purifier as something that will protect against COVID-19, but like just about any other mask, it can certainly help the cause, at least in some way. to some extent.

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