Tips for tidying up unconventional places at home

Fresh air and new beginnings in spring enough to give anyone spring cleaning bug – but there are spaces that most homeowners and renters don’t normally think of tidying up and probably should.

Wisconsin-based cleaning expert Brandon Pleshek, a third-generation janitor, creator of TikTok and founder of Clean That Up, shared helpful tips and tricks with Fox News Digital to get into the thick of the forgotten spaces around home that most likely need a little TLC.

So take a clean break from the “dirty” – and grab some rubber gloves, vacuum cleaners and cleaning concoctions to freshen up some of the often overlooked but important spots around the house or apartment.

Most people don’t know that the trim at the bottom of the fridge is completely removable – and most likely collecting dust bunnies. Although not all refrigerators have this removable vent, those that do can be sucked in with a brush head.

Additionally, Pleshek advised cleaners to pull the fridge away from the wall, clean the now exposed floor (which most likely needs a good vacuum cleaner or cleaning itself) – and locate the smallest vent. behind or on the side of the refrigerator.

This vent is also likely to attract dust and can be vacuumed with the same brush.


The interior of the refrigerator should also not be ignored. Now is a good time to get all the food out and untie the drawers and shelves to give the interior a good wipe down.

Cleaning a dryer’s lint filter after every (or a few) loads of laundry is a must, but what about grime stuck in the machine’s vent tubes?

To reach the long tube, a dryer duct cleaning brush attached to the end of a drill is the best tool to use. The nylon rods that lock together can reach deep into the vent from outside the house to remove lint and stuck-on residue.

Using a shop vac or garbage bag to catch leftover dust outside will save you from having to pick up small bits from the floor later.

Pleshek also shared another great tip for homeowners or renters: Blow lint from the vent inside the house with a leaf blower.

Not all dishwashers have one, but newer models have a secret filter located in the bottom middle of the machine. And yes, it needs to be cleaned!

The cylinder-shaped filter twists up and out of its base – and it can then be scrubbed or soaked in the sink with dish soap and hot water. For all odors, rinse and soak with vinegar.

In the case of a stinky dishwasher, Pleshek said this filter was likely the culprit. Placing a cup of vinegar inside the machine during a cycle can also help neutralize odors.

There might be a few different methods for the mattress cleaning craze, but there’s no doubt that hydrogen peroxide works like magic, Pleshek advised.

Misting the top of a mattress with hydrogen peroxide and wiping it down with a microfiber towel will do the trick for thorough cleaning, he said.

While we sleep, we are bound to leave stains on our mattresses from sweat, drool – or maybe other yellow stains (better not to mention them) from little ones or pets.

Pleshek’s best tip for cleaning stains is to spray hydrogen peroxide, then lift the stain with a spotting machine.


“It’s pretty amazing, hydrogen peroxide,” he said. “You spray it on a mysterious spot of slime on your mattress – you’ll just stare at it for a minute and start to disappear.”

Depending on the type of textile they are made from, cleaning curtains can be tricky.

For the most part, window curtains will be dusty, so picking up a vacuum cleaner with a brush head and sucking up dust and debris is a good start.

For a deep clean, Pleshek suggested filling a bucket with a drop of dish soap and water and soaking the curtains, as not all of them can be thrown in the washing machine.

If your curtains have a tag, check the cleaning instructions first before immersing them in water.

In the shower, your plastic curtain liner can also be thrown in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar to remove mildew stains. Then hang up to dry.

Toys around the house (whether they’ve been lying on the floor or “tasted” by a toddler) almost certainly need a thorough cleaning.


The easiest advice is to throw all plastic or rubber toys into a mesh laundry bag and soak the whole bag in dish soap and water in the sink.

The bag can then be rinsed and air dried in the sun outside.

A little rubbing alcohol thrown into the mix will take care of the disinfection, but make sure it doesn’t erode certain toys like Legos, Pleshek advised.

Some toys can be tossed directly into the dishwasher on the top rack for a thorough, sanitized clean.

As for video game controllers, they can get dirty from being held by many greasy hands.

Pleshek suggested combing the residue out of the crevices of the controllers with a toothpick and spraying them with a 50-50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

After that, they can be cleaned with a microfiber towel.

For more spring cleaning tips, watch the video at the top of this article, or Click here to access it.

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