The Voesh water filter turned my shower into a spa

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I live and work in a 500 square foot apartment with a boyfriend and a dog, which means my daily shower routine is often the only semblance of “me” time I ever have (i.e. say when the dog isn’t looking around the curtain and trying to jump with me). For this reason, I took great care to make those few solo moments as luxurious as possible, which recently included fitting my shower with a Voesh water filter ($29).

The filter is basically a skin and hair care product that I don’t have to apply. Its main role is to remove chlorine and other impurities, such as calcium and magnesium, from hard water. “It has been noted that contact with hard water can lead to disruption of the protective epidermal barrier, which can aggravate atopic dermatitis, dry the skin and cause itching,” David Lortscher, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder and CEO of Curology, previously told Well + Good. “If you have hard water, you’ll often end up using more cleansers with heavier surfactants to clean your skin and hair, because you won’t see the same foaming effect. This leads to surfactant precipitation or the formation of a film of residue on the skin, which could lead to further irritation and even clogged pores.”

This particular tool is packed full of skin-friendly ingredients that go beyond your standard shower filter. It contains brightening vitamin C, barrier-strengthening vegan probiotics and soothing oatmeal powder, which counteract the drying and damaging effects that hot shower water tends to have on skin and hair. Since using the filter, I have noticed that my whole body is visibly softer.

While it might sound simple, taking a spa-quality shower — like this filter made it possible for me — can actually be a pretty powerful self-care practice. “Time in the shower also gives you a few minutes alone to focus on your breathing and mindfulness, which can reduce feelings of stress and help you take care of yourself,” health coach Jim Curtis, CRO at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, previously said Well+Good. “How you wake up and what you do when you wake up can dramatically set the tone for how you’ll think and feel throughout the day, so how you fit a shower into your routine morning can make or break your mood for the rest of the day.”

The filter is available in five different scents: Ocean Mist, Blossom Bliss, Lavender Land, Citrus Crush and Rainforest Mist. My shower is fitted with the Rainforest-Inspired Scent, which gives off such a subtle natural scent, almost like I’m surrounded by a bunch of plants during a rainstorm (or, you know, in a rainforest). The pros note that using aromatherapy in your shower can help you “take deep breaths, release muscle tension, and release stress”, and after trying it for myself, I can confirm that this advice is verified.

While my “me” time may be limited to a few minutes a day in a small, cramped studio shower, this filter makes the experience just that special.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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