The best apps to buy and sell second-hand goods safely

Find the product you want so much or easily resell the items you no longer need with our list of applications.

Since their creation the flea markets have become very popular, being a center where it is possible to obtain all kinds of used and collectables. Over time and modernism, several websites have been developed in which you can sell or buy all kinds of new or used products.

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However, among multiple websites Dissatisfaction or mistrust has been generated due to payment irregularities by the customer or misleading offers, defective products and scams by sellers.

Find the product you want so much or resell the items that are no longer useful to you easily thanks to our list of the best applications to buy and sell second-hand products in complete safety

Because of this problem, we decided to send our readers a list with the best apps to buy and sell used goods Without issue.

Apps to buy and sell second-hand goods safely: the 8 best

  • wallapop
  • BKIE, used bikes
  • let go
  • eBay
  • Milanoncios
  • 5 miles
  • Facebook market

Without further ado, we will proceed to present our list of applications to buy and sell second-hand products in complete safety. With which they will have the ease of finding and offering articles of any kind and having the greatest security of the transactions carried out.


It is convenient very useful virtual market and comfort, both for sellers and buyers. The platform allows publish articles in a few simple steps, take a photo of the product, add a description, a price and ready in a few seconds it will be available for sale from the community of wallapop.

On the other hand, buyers find it easy search for items of interest, with a search filter by proximity, category and price. Negotiate directly with the seller, establish a meeting point and receive the requested product.

BKIE, used bikes

A space entirely dedicated to cycling community, where they have at their disposal all kinds of items related to cycling. They can sell bikes and helmets who no longer use it, even accessories such as GPS, heart rate monitors, locks, boosters and other items.

It is very easy to use and great convenience for cyclistsby having a space where they will find what they need for their sport, both products offered by other cyclists and those published by associated stores.

let go

Letgo: post in an instant and chat securely

Letgo: post in an instant and chat securely

another big buying and selling spacean application that has become popular enough to carry out sell used items and get it best offers on the market. Like the other sales areas, it has a search engine by category and distance.

You can chat with other buyers or with the seller right from the app. In turn, he has a image recognition to assign a title and category to the product you want to sell, without having to assign it yourself.


eBay: offers on your favorite brands

eBay: offers on your favorite brands

Undoubtedly eBay It is one of most recognized space and used by members worldwide. Be a virtual space where possible get new, used, collectible and branded products and much more.

With this app you will get offers all over the world direct from name brands and stores, or browse used items from independent sellers. Stay on top of your product, track and receive notifications about similar offers.


Discover it ranked at the top no need to look in the log. An app that has announcements of purchases, sales, offers and rentals In one place. In the ads published, you will find offers on second-hand items, each of the publications is verified to verify their authenticity and avoid scams.

In addition to finding listings of products for saleyou will also have House rental and job offers, being a very practical space that encompasses all the necessary searches.

5 miles

A great space to buy and sell, both new and used items. With a method of user verification who publish their products in terms of location, phone number and Facebook account, which makes it a completely secure application.

It also contains a list of secure trading areas for more comfort between parties. Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps to buy and sell used goods Of the market.

Facebook market

Facebook MarketPlace: selling and buying second-hand products is possible

Facebook MarketPlace: selling and buying second-hand products is possible

That’s right, it’s Facebook, the largest platform among social networks that connects users around the world. This excellent application allows its users to share thoughts, images, links, comments and establish conversations through chat or video rooms.

Among his latest additions, Facebook has set up a sales area called “market place”where users can publish and acquire all kinds of products with search by categories, price, publication date and the condition of the item. Chat directly with sellers who are independent app users or business and store accounts.

In this application you will have a space only dedicated to the sale of cars. This is a site dedicated to car buying and sellingboth used and new, offered by users and independent sellers or directly by resellers.

In your search and description you can check the year, mileage modelprice and Product Status discern all the doubts present in the buyer, in the same way, he will establish a direct chat with seller.

Based on the applications indicated above, you will have at your disposal through your iOS device, a large list to carry out the search for used, new and branded products. Whatever category you are looking for, with these lists you will be able to buy and sell used products safely.

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