The 2020 Mercedes Sprinter off-grid motorhome was custom built for the nomadic adventurer in you


Conventional home living has lost its appeal over the years as more and more people are drawn to the nomadic lifestyle. It’s more exciting, it gives you the chance to change scenery and see new places when you feel like it, and it nurtures the adventure seeker in you, keeping boredom at bay.

The guys at Wild Built Designs recently showed us their 2020 Mercedes Sprinter Custom Van Conversion, showing us how a little imagination and a lot of hard work and dedication can create the perfect home on wheels. And the best thing about this beautiful, comfortable, warm and fully equipped motorhome is that it is now available for sale.

Wild Built Designs worked for eight months to make the bespoke pickup truck look what it is today, but all that time of planning, hard work and creativity has paid off because the result is truly commendable.

Powered by a 3.0L V6 diesel engine with RWD transmission, the modern Sprinter van only has 193 km on the odometer, which means it is ready to bring you years and years of memorable adventures. on the road.

As for the features included by the manufacturer, the Sprinter comes with 270-degree rear doors, premium all-season tires, heated seats, navigation capabilities, cruise control, rain sensors and a reversing camera.

Built to have off-grid capabilities, the van offers a total of 500W of solar power (with two 175W solar panels and two 100W roof mounted solar panels) and is fitted with Battle Born deep cycle batteries. LiFePO4 of 400 Ah 12 V which are US- manufactured and delivered with a 10 year warranty. A Victron MultiPlus 3000 W 12 V inverter charger is also included.

The interior of the custom-built Sprinter van is as comfortable as it gets, with lots of wood and an overall warm, natural tone. You have a prime pine ceiling with washer lights, waterproof vinyl floors, butcher block counters, and four custom-made cabinets of equal size with RV latches to keep the doors locked in place and secure. while you’re on the go. There is also a cool looking LED strip under the cabinets. A van ceiling fan allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature and the operating mode.

On the kitchen equipment side, the van comes with a 65 liter refrigerator designed in Italy, a portable induction hob, a microwave, a walk-in bar sink with a faucet that provides drinking water , thanks to the CuZn UC- 200 water filter undermount. You also have plenty of workspace around you to prepare your food. There is a Bosch 4 gallon electric water heater that takes 10 minutes to heat the water and a 42 gallon water tank that includes a water level gauge with a gray 10 gallon tank.

There is a window behind the kitchen faucet and you can lock it in several positions. An insect screen is also integrated, as well as a privacy screen.

Moving on to other necessities, the Sprinter van comes with a portable toilet that can easily be stored in a lower cabinet when not in use. Overall, the van has generous storage space with plenty of drawers and cabinets all around. Wild Built Designs even provides a shower hookup with an included shower head. The van also includes a height-adjustable Lagun swivel table, which can be used for work or serving a meal. The rear bed is comfortable and has a sturdy 80/20 extruded aluminum frame.

Wild Built Designs doesn’t mention the price of the custom Sprinter pickup truck, but you can contact them for more information and a private tour.

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