The 11 Best Places to Buy Blinds and Blinds in 2022

What to consider when buying blinds and awnings

Use: When choosing blinds or shades, consider the room they are intended for and their primary function. For example, you might want to choose more expensive blackout shades in the bedroom, while a light-filtering option that still blocks glare might do the trick for your home office.

Style and material: Material and overall style will largely be dictated by budget, personal preference and usage. A wooden shutter versus a linen blind will give your room a completely different look. Additionally, consider how much privacy you want and whether you still want light to filter through for a less closed-in feel, as this will help guide your choice on things like opacity percentage and whether they should block UV.

Cut: The size of your windows will play an important role in the style of blinds you choose and where you can shop. If you have easy-to-install standard-sized windows, you’ll likely find a friendlier option for your wallet by simply choosing from a few width and length options. However, if you have unusual windows, you may have to pay more for a truly custom fit. Likewise, you might want to consider dividing huge windows into two blinds if you don’t want to get into expensive automatic options, as having just one large roller blind can be heavy and difficult to pull. from top to bottom.

Type of mounting: When shopping for blinds and blinds, you will need to decide whether you will mount them inside or outside the window frame. Some windows are too shallow to allow the blinds to be mounted in the frame and will require outside mounting. You may also prefer the look of externally mounted Roman shades, for example, but be sure to follow the measuring and fitting instructions carefully to ensure your window coverings can be installed correctly. Exterior mounted window coverings generally allow more light to enter from the sides and may not be the best fit for a bedroom.

Budget: The price range on blinds varies wildly, even within the same store. Have a clear budget in mind so you can start with the options that best fit your limitations. If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for a virtual consultation with a store to get a basic idea of ​​what your space will need and the general price range. Custom sizing, materials, finishes, as well as automatic options will cost significantly more.

If you’re comfortable measuring and installing blinds yourself, you can save big on installation costs.

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