Tanzania: new project guarantees drinking water for residents of Maswa


The MASWA Urban Water Supply Authority (Mauwasa) is finalizing the processes to start the construction of a large water filter estimated at 3.5 billion / – and to provide clean and safe water to residents.

Informing reporters over the weekend, the director of water resources of the Ministry of Water, Mr. George Ligomela, said that the implementation of the project will go hand in hand with the construction of a large reservoir of water on Nyalikungu hill in Maswa district at 497 m / – in Simiyu region.

Mr Ligomela made the remarks after visiting a 17-acre site, where 15,000 trees had been planted for conservation purposes.

However, surveys had observed that residents along the water source were cutting trees irregularly.

“The government has been able to identify all the areas covered with water sources and it is putting beacons to indicate the boundaries between the water sources and the areas where people can carry out their activities, but some of them are stubborn and continue to carry out humanitarian activities in the water sources, “he said.

He said residents of Zanzui, Mwabayanda and Mwashegeshi villages around the water source had received education on how to manage the dam’s environment, but some still engaged in human activities in the reserved areas. such as grazing, cutting down trees and burning trees and grass which he said was unacceptable.

“Judicial authorities and state agencies responsible for water conservation should take action against all those who continue to defy orders,” he said.

He said the government spent a lot of money on water sources by planting trees, among other measures, but it was common for people to cut trees down and burn them, adding that the situation will contribute to the scarcity of the water.

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