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In August 2021, we launched the MacStories + Club, expanding the content we publish for members, adding powerful search, filtering and RSS feed capabilities to the Club’s web application, creating an online community for members and expanding the discounts on the apps and services we offer for $ 10 / month or $ 100 / year.

Members who join the Club MacStories + level receive all the benefits of the Club MacStories, plus:

New in-depth feature stories

Automation Academy. Each month, Federico will help members get the most out of their Apple hardware with lessons on shortcuts and other automation tools designed to teach high-level automation concepts and tips to make your life easier with the latest automation tools.

The Macintosh desktop experience. A new column from John for the modern Mac user that builds on the platform’s rich history combined with the latest apps, services and hardware to deliver new and innovative ways to get the most out of your Mac.

Advanced web application

Our powerful new web application, which we call Calliope, features a responsive and accessible design that extends the Club MacStories experience beyond email for Club MacStories + members with the following features:

  • Full-text search of our entire catalog of over 350 issues of MacStories Weekly and the Monthly Log
  • Advanced content filtering by author, date, individual sections of MacStories Weekly, Monthly Log, Automation Academy, and The Macintosh Desktop Experience
  • Personalized and personalized RSS feeds for filtering options such as authors, newsletter sections and other types of content
  • Light and dark modes, which can be set manually or dynamically depending on system settings
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Dynamic type support on iOS

Discord community

Our new Discord community is a place where members can get to know each other and enjoy direct access to the MacStories team and updates on what they’re working on. You’ll find channels to discuss the latest Apple news, MacStories articles, apps, hardware, and more.

Discord members will also get early access to merchandise sales, special events, and Federico Automation Academy shortcuts. The MacStories team will be actively involved in the Discord server and will host member-only activities on Discord such as:

  • Vocal chats “Town Hall” with the MacStories team
  • The AV Club, where we will explore books, movies, TV shows and video games together
  • Beta Beat, a chance to try and provide feedback to the developers of some of our favorite apps.

Exclusive discounts

In addition to the periodic discounts enjoyed by all Club members, we’ve partnered with the developers of some of our favorite apps and services to provide Club MacStories + members with an ever-growing collection of exclusive discounts throughout the year.

With expanded content, new ways to explore everything we produce for the Club, and a community that extends the experience, Club MacStories + is a fantastic way to scale your membership.

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