Self-cleaning litter box protects dangerous cat gifts

I might have said yes to the cat my neighbor gave me if I had had Leo’s Loo Too, a self-cleaning robotic litter box from SmartyPear that ships this month. It looks like a miniature clothes dryer.

Cat cubs can be dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 million Americans have toxoplasmosis, a parasite that you can get by touching the feces of infected cats. (Eating undercooked food is another source.) Most people have no symptoms because their immune system protects them. Otherwise, the parasite causes “intermittent explosive disorder” and increased aggression in humans, experts say.

With the Loo Too Litter Box Cleaner, a rotating drum separates the teddy bear from your furry baby and sends it to an odor-filled, charcoal-filtered waste drawer. When the drawer is full, a notification on your smartphone tells you it’s time to take out the trash, which is automatically bagged. You’re back in business and Kitty can take hers back. If you have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa powered device, you can use Loo Too voice commands, such as “Alexa, turn on the Loo Too”. Or: “put the Loo Too on automatic. “

Although it costs $ 550, other robot cleaners are almost as expensive. The top rated system on, which had yet to see the Loo Too, is the Litter-Robot 3 Connect for $ 499. It also uses a rotary sifting mechanism instead of a rake to filter the droppings. This avoids the problems of other automatic filter boxes where litter tends to clump around the rake or in nooks and crannies.


One reader says he loves his Acer 713 Chromebook. It gets great reviews for its battery life, performance, and colorful display. He wonders why someone is sticking to Windows.

The main reason people use Windows is familiarity with the system, as well as the variety of programs that can be installed. And of course, a lot of people don’t want to pay Apple’s prices.

A Chromebook is a great alternative for people who do almost everything online. I bought the Pixelbook Go for $ 599, which is more than double the cost of budget Chromebooks. But I wouldn’t want it. When I had to borrow a friend’s cheaper model for a Zoom session, he stuttered and kept losing touch. If you’re video chatting, avoid the cheaper ones.

Regarding the Acer Chromebook 713, this reader notes, “It has many attributes of Apple products. The snapshot is particularly appreciated, and I think it is immune to viruses. Well, not completely. According to, Chromebooks can catch viruses, but they are rare. This can happen if you install an app from a rogue. However, if you do catch a virus, you can reset your Chromebook with a few simple steps. Log out first. Then press the “Ctrl” button, the “Alt” button and the “Shift” key while pressing “R” to reset. Then choose “Powerwash”.


Be My Eyes is an app that helps blind people get help with their daily chores, one reader reminded me. He listed the following tasks: locating fallen or lost items, reading receipts and helping with travel. “The app allows the phones of sighted volunteers to connect with the phones of those asking for help,” he said. In other words, you can see their surroundings and tell them what they would see if they had full vision. Connection is monitored and privacy is closely watched, the reader emphasizes.

“A lot of my friends have received much needed help,” he said. “And many of my sighted friends have been very gratified for the help they have given me. Rarely a week goes by that I am not interviewed by someone who has helped a blind person. They get real help. charge of helping. ” More information is available on

Riddle WINDOWS 11

Recently I was wondering why my computer’s super-fast Intel Core i7 processor was not rated as good enough for the free update to Windows 11. So I turned to my favorite Q&A site, Quora .

It’s not the speed of the processor that matters, an expert there said. “This is the generation. The newer generations have certain characteristics of safety and reliability.” Digging deeper, I discovered that Windows 11 enables these features by default, as they represent a major security improvement over Windows 10. Surprisingly, one of them is available in Windows 10, but it is disabled by default. This is called “virtualization-based security” or VBS. Unfortunately, the instructions for turning it on are complex. I won’t take care of it.


CNET experts say we should clean our phones once a day. But we shouldn’t use alcohol or vinegar unless we make a solution with at least 70% water. Pure vinegar and alcohol will remove the protective coating from your phone.

Apple says it’s okay to use Clorox disinfectant wipes, or anything with a similar concentration of cleaner, on the iPhone or iPad. If you don’t want to buy them, a microfiber cloth will do. Wetting it with a little distilled water could remove the worst stains. I bought a 16 ounce bottle called Eveo from Amazon. It is specially designed for phone and tablet screens and should last for many years.


Did you know that Google Maps lets you check if a store is busy? Scroll down and search on the left for “Popular Times”. Not only will it tell you if it’s busy now, but a graph will show you the most popular times of the day.

INTERNUTS has an intriguing article about a cafe in Tokyo that uses robots as servers; robots are controlled by people with disabilities from their homes. The founder was inspired to provide them because he had to stay confined to the hospital for three years as a child.

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