Save 20% on this personal air purifier

If the past year has changed anything in our lives, it’s how aware we are of the harmful particles in the air. Whether it’s airborne viruses like COVID-19 or pollutants from forest fires thousands of miles away, it has become clear that clean breathable air is no longer as ubiquitous as ever. This growing concern for fresh and safe air has sparked innovation in the field of air purifiers, the personal air purifier.

The LUFT Duo consumable-free personal air purifier (Christmas Pack) is a set of two compact and powerful personal air purifiers to improve the quality of the air you take in this holiday season. This rechargeable air purifier was first successfully funded by Indiegogo and is now available as a pack for $ 171.96 when you use Green Monday code GREEN20 at checkout. That’s down from $ 398 at the regular price!

The LUFT Duo uses a patented photocatalytic process to filter the air from harmful particles. This small but powerful cube breaks down everything from dust, pollen, mold, pathogens, volatile organic vapors and pollutants at the molecular level, proving to be more effective than a traditional HEPA filter.

In fact, the LUFT is so efficient that it doesn’t even need a replacement filter. Simply clean the metal latch every two weeks, just like you would with a vacuum cleaner. LUFT Duo can run continuously for 18 hours on a single charge, while operating at super quiet decibel levels so you can use it while you sleep.

Amazon users love the LUFT Personal Air Purifier for its efficiency and great portability. One customer mentions: “Received today, settled into our living room, within hours our 2 bedroom apartment smells so fresh. Feel more secure breathing fresh air every day and night. Comes with a door -cup to keep your cube safe in the car. ”

Breathe air again without having to worry about what’s in it with the LUFT Duo Air Purifier Christmas Pack, now only $ 171.96 with code GREEN20.

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