SAP: How to Navigate the SAP Business Technology Platform to Drive True Transformation

At the base of every business transformation is a mix of technologies working together to solve critical challenges. And when that foundation is as diverse as the SAP Business Technology Platform, you need a well-defined value map that shows the best path to meaningful results and lasting change.

Time is nobody’s friend – and businesses know it. Gone are the days of just doing what the competition does, just a little better. Instead, companies want to make the most of every moment, adapting their value chains to new markets, industries and ecosystems before anyone else.

For SAP customers seeking a leading edge, the flexibility and independence gained from the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) are essential elements in transforming business operations and preparing for a digital future. The platform supports the four fundamental pillars of digital innovation that help ensure success in the cloud: database and data management, analytics tools and services, smart technologies and capabilities for development, extension and integration of applications.

Depending on how the services are combined, organizations can make incredible transformations that leave competitors scrambling to catch up. But first, you are faced with a wide range of capabilities and services to determine the optimal mix to achieve your unique vision or preferred business scenario.

How to understand everything that SAP BTP offers and move forward quickly and successfully? With SAP Enterprise Support Value Cards, you can access essential guidance on the current and future state of the platform and connect that information to your digital transformation, cloud adoption, or technology expansion.

Secure the Ffoundation for VScontinued Iinnovation

SAP Enterprise Support value cards present the knowledge, skills, technologies, and services needed to address specific business challenges at any given time. Value cards can empower you to achieve meaningful results and unlock new growth potential with SAP BTP through learning opportunities that include prescriptive guidance, high impact learning, social collaboration forums, and a direct access to the SAP experts made available in the value card for SAP BTP. With regular articles published weekly by experts, you will keep your team up to date with new tools, services and features and be able to maintain the technical base of your business.

Prescriptive guidance

The Value Card for SAP BTP features a structured content catalog for the four pillars that includes more than 350 empowerment materials and services. For each request, our SAP experts will provide you with advice on the platform solutions, tools, and services that should be used to deliver expected results, help ensure enterprise-wide adoption, and support. loads the new process, application, or capability.

The content is designed to meet the needs of the majority of our customers, including basic information on the latest updates and additions to SAP BTP and cloud-centric offerings from SAP. This information gives you a fundamental understanding of how your business can harness the full potential of the platform, whether it’s moving to the cloud, expanding your cloud footprint, or expanding existing solutions and functionality. .

High impact learning

The program also gives you access to 17 learning paths to explore, filter and access an organized set of learning assets and services across the four pillars of SAP BTP. Each path presents a block of interactive learning modules that provide the knowledge and reinforce the skills necessary for the successful deployment, use and security of SAP BTP technologies, tools and services.

Social collaboration forums

With the SAP Enterprise Support Value Card for SAP BTP, you can gain invaluable access to a dedicated and collaborative community. Our SAP experts and industry peers will quickly provide you with an answer to questions related to database and data management solutions, analytics tools, smart technologies, and development, expansion and integration. applications.

Value cards serve as a one-stop-shop for the latest information on SAP BTP. They are home to a library of self-consuming resources – such as articles, best practice documentation, guided demonstrations, and informational videos – that tech experts and professionals share with the community.

Direct access to experts

For more personalized and individual advice, you have the option of requesting a call to obtain an expert recommendation tailored to your needs. In addition, SAP experts are also available through live webcasts, where question-and-answer sessions allow you to ask questions about your particular topic. This differentiates value cards as it is more than just a community of customers for peers to exchange information.

To become Empowered – NOTnot ohupset – by Ttechnology

Working with a large portfolio like the one offered through SAP BTP can be overwhelming at first. While no organization uses their entire portfolio at once, the platform provides immediate access to the technologies and services you need to help you achieve the results your customers want, the experiences your customers want. employees need and the future your business envisions.

And with the support and guidance of SAP Enterprise Support Value Cards, you can meet all of these demands with a clear, straightforward path to true transformation.

To get started, request access to the SAP Learning Hub or join the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps learning room if you already have access. Then you can subscribe to our value card for SAP Business Technology Platform to start enjoying all the benefits of the platform.

Olga Tregub is Global Functional Manager of SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps at SAP.

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