Sanitization by Design – OEMs want products that meet high standards of cleanliness

With cleanliness standards becoming a seamless part of consumers’ lives, OEMs are turning to designing products that help mitigate pathogens and support cleaner daily habits.

Among design ecosystem players seeking to facilitate this process, Design 1st, an Ottawa-based full-service product design engineering firm, has emerged as a product design partner of choice for customers who respect this cleanliness factor and others. who are on track to offer new products that improve air and water quality and eliminate pathogens to ensure the highest level of purity for air, water and food that we consume.

Design 1st announced that it has successfully met the need of customers seeking product design partners with industry-leading expertise in ultraviolet (UV) radiation and other air and water purity technologies to support increased cleanliness awareness among consumers.

Team of computer engineers bends over desk and chooses circuit boards to work with. Source: Getty Images

From entrepreneur to client company, Design 1st provides assistance at all stages of the product design and development process. Bring knowledge of new technologies, product usability, materials and engineering with component sourcing risks, global manufacturing expertise and diverse sourcing networks, to provide end-to-end service” from idea to product. One area that is seeing an increase in design demand this year is the ultraviolet (UV) sterilization market.

Advanced tools to design new products

According to a research report analyzing the UVC disinfection products market outlook from 2021 to 2031, sales are expected to reach $30B+ by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 15.2% over the period. With Design 1st’s technical expertise in air and water filtration and UV technologies, they have become an ideal partner for companies looking to bring to market sanitizing solutions for personal, batch cleaning applications. and continuously. Three-dimensional imagination of air, water and light flow behaviors requires experience and advanced tools to design new products in the sterilization markets.

“The global pandemic has triggered a shift in the way people interact with everyday objects throughout their daily routine, from the air they breathe in a room, to the devices and surfaces they touch, to the food and water they consume every day,” said Matt Bailey, vice president, engineering at Design 1st. “We have been helping our customers design and configure technologically demanding filtration and purification products for many years and it is exciting for us to have the opportunity to tap into our extensive experience in fluid flow control and UV to help turn these ideas into useful products for a variety of applications.

Air flow measurement and detection

Over the past year, Bailey says his company has been involved in the design process for several products that accurately measure airflow and sensing for multiple use cases. These include:

  • Caliber: Real-time metabolic fitness tracking that helps you perform better and live smarter. A wearable device that measures the rate and composition of breath to track calories, fat burning and oxygen use anywhere and anytime, Caliber was co-designed by Design 1st to be comfortable, functional, aesthetic and light. It includes multiple gas sensors to measure the composition and flow rate of inhaled and exhaled air, allowing it to measure dozens of biometric data with remarkable accuracy, including real-time calorie burn rates, oxygen supply and the use of fat by your body. Data helps you know and influence how your daily routine affects your body.
  • Caframo: An award-winning hatch fan for boats and yachts that ejects warm cabin air in 30 seconds. Off the shelf, Caframo selected Design 1st to creatively design and deliver high volume airflow for a yacht hatch fan with a custom blade design to drive maximum airflow through the space confined from a boat hatch opening quickly removing warm stale air when it’s time to sail. . The blade design required CFD finite element analysis as well as the ability for the fan to spin out of the way for people to use the hatch to get out of the boat. According to Mike Tettenborn, Vice President of Engineering at Caframo, “Design 1st’s designers and engineers demonstrated appropriate creativity and technical understanding, managing the product design and testing process. The end result was a powerful and easy to install portable marine hatch ventilator unique in the market. »
  • Rumidifier: A low-cost, energy-free humidification device with no moving parts that sits above the vents of the domestic forced-air furnace and uses a water well and filter positioned to maximize airflow and provide humidification from the water well to the airflow. According to a company spokesperson, “I needed to turn the sketch of the Rumidifier towel into a working prototype and then into an actual product. As a first-time inventor, the importance of having a knowledgeable, business-focused product development partner like Design 1st is now very clear to me. »
  • Molecule USA, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based think tank that develops disruptive and impactful solutions for humanitarian relief and sustainability challenges. Today, Molecule offers scientifically backed water resilience technology that harnesses the moisture in the air – even in dry, desert climates – to provide a sustainable supply of purified drinking water, regardless of location. . Molecule has selected Design 1st to conduct research and assist in the development and testing of prototypes for its new line of sorbent-enhanced atmospheric water generators. “I did a lot of due diligence on product development companies and Design 1st had the deepest bench for technical ability,” said Kurt Francis, CTO at Molecule. “Design 1st’s early efforts in prototype development helped us transition from our new desiccant powder to an integrated substrate, and then with rigorous refinement and testing, we continued on our way to our commercial products. Their team of design is absolutely fantastic to work with.

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