Salt Lake House: Boeing responds to Cox government and Salt Lake House request to conserve water use to combat drought in Utah


August 27, 2021

As drought conditions continue to worsen in the state of Utah, Boeing stepped up to reduce water consumption at Boeing sites in Salt Lake City. As the worst drought in Utah history threatens to completely dry up half of the state’s reservoirs, Governor Spencer J. Cox, in partnership with the Salt Lake Chamber, called on local businesses to join the H2Oath Water Champion to conserve water statewide.

Boeing has responded with improvements to the NDI water system that are expected to save about 800 gallons of water per week. These included resizing the basket strainers, pumps, hoses and UV water purifiers. By adding self-cleaning primary filters, Boeing has reduced the number of weekly water and filter changes. These system upgrades have improved site water circulation, level consistency and efficiency.

Additional water conservation efforts, such as reducing the days and hours to water the landscape, have been implemented at Boeing sites in Salt Lake. Installing rain sensors on sprinkler systems stops water consumption on days when rain is detected. To better regulate water use, Boeing also adjusted all of the site’s sprinkler heads and fixed underground pipes and leaks in the fire extinguisher system connected to the site’s fire hydrants.

Boeing is committed to setting an example for the community in water efficiency during this most prolonged drought in Utah. From January 2021 to May 2021, water consumption at Salt Lake City sites was 29% lower than the same period in 2020 and continues to decline. Boeing is committed to continuously promoting water conservation efforts as our community faces this threat of water scarcity.

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