Razer’s Zephyr Pro goggle has the vocal amp function we wanted from the start

In case you’re disappointed that Razer removed the voice boost feature from its Zephyr goggle that promised to amplify your voice through speakers, don’t worry. Razer plans to sell you its Zephyr Pro goggle which was announced at CES 2022. While it looks virtually identical to the Zephyr, it has two speaker grilles that flank its replaceable bottom filter. In addition, one of the Chroma RGB inputs has a new button that can activate or deactivate the vocal amplification. Razer says the feature can broadcast your voice at 60 decibels at a range of three feet.

The Zephyr Pro will retail for $ 149.99 when it releases in 2022, compared to the starting price of $ 99.99 for the standard Zephyr goggle. You will one day be able to purchase a starter pack that includes the Zephyr Pro and 99 days of quality N95 filters for $ 199.99.

The vocal booster was a feature Razer originally intended to include in the Zephyr goggle at CES 2021 when it was called Project Hazel. Once it went from concept to actual product, Razer scrapped it due to weight and battery issues. Still, Razer says the Zephyr Pro can have similar weight and battery life as the regular Zephyr.

Image: Razer

Razer said The edge that with its pre-production units of the Zephyr Pro, it’s aiming for the same 206.1 gram weight as the Zephyr. To achieve this, Will Powers, public relations manager for Razer in the United States, states that “the reduction in mass due to laser milling of the speaker grilles should almost negate the added weight of the microphone and speakers. voice amplified speakers. When it comes to battery life, Razer says it’s aiming for the same five- to six-hour battery life target as the original with fans on, but only if you take the Usually turn on the voice amplifier function when you are conversing, then turn it off when you finish talking.

It may seem that Razer deserves some credit for achieving what it didn’t think was possible a year ago. But I won’t try to hide my disappointment here. Razer, like many companies, tends to follow its standard level products with a “Pro” version with more features and a higher price tag. Going down this route is excusable and almost expected for consumer products, but it’s the wrong decision for a mask people can choose to buy to feel a little more secure during a pandemic.

Razer Zephyr

The Zephyr uses three quality N95 filters (one at each shot and one near the bottom of the mask) which can last up to three days each.
Image: Razer

And yet, I’m glad that Razer is, at least, committed to fully delivering the concept it unveiled in January 2021. Many people will benefit from a mask that can amplify your voice, if they’re willing to accept that. the Zephyr will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

My colleague Nicole Wetsman and I spoke with Razer about the Zephyr at our On The Verge event in October 2021. You can watch this panel below.

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