Premium Guard Inc. Expands National Operations to Columbus, Ohio

Premium Guard Inc. (PGI), a provider of automotive aftermarket filtration solutions, announced the acquisition of a 640,000 square foot distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. The increased capacity of the new facility will allow PGI to bolster inventory levels through increased safety stock, supporting improved customer unit fill and key customer service metrics. This strategic investment in national distribution capacity will begin operations in July 2022.

“With the recent acquisition of IPC Global Solutions and the continued growth of our PGI Filtration and PWR Power Steering businesses, we felt it was time to expand our presence in the Columbus, Ohio market and create a additional capacity for our customers,” Anan said. Bishara, CEO of Premium Guard Inc. “We will leverage the tremendous capabilities of our existing team in Columbus to increase inventory levels and create a state-of-the-art facility with advanced execution capabilities.”

As part of the transition, Premium Guard plans to sublet its existing 185,000 square foot facility in Grove City, Ohio. All distribution and operations personnel from this facility will move to the new and improved location over the summer months. PGI says the state-of-the-art facility will utilize innovative product positioning solutions, advanced wireless connectivity, enhanced communications technology, and enhanced ERP and WMS systems. This new facility will support PGI brands and private label programs while facilitating the launch of PGI’s heavy-duty filtration program later in 2022.

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