People are whitening their eyebrows – thanks to TikTok’s whitening eyebrow filter

Life is just blank for these TikTokers.

After the bleached brow the look went viral – no thanks to Kendall Jenner – TikTok released a filter that makes users look like their eyebrows are digitally blonde.

But bold trendsetters didn’t stop at filters alone. Some have been inspired to actually commit to the look and bleach their brows for real.

Hashtags #bleachedbrow and #bleachedeyebrows have 124.4 million views and 76.5 million views respectively, and the sleek set has apparently decided that blondes have more fun — with their eyebrows, at least.

User @vanillamace, whose name appears to be Em, posted a clip of her trying on the bleached brow filter while bleaching her hair. The video, now with 1.5 million viewsdetails her thoughts on getting into bold fashion.

A TikToker tried the filter while she was already dyeing her hair, immediately applying it to her eyebrows as well.

“Light brow filter? Hmmmm that’s pretty cool I guess?” she wrote in the text of the video as she shows off her face with and without the filter.

“Who cares as well,” she continued, as the clip was cut to her with bleach applied to her eyebrows.

At first she said “No”, stating that she didn’t like her new look, but she changed her mind once she put on makeup.

Users in her comments said the look was a “killer”, while others asked how she got the ultimate blonde brow.

“Only person I’ve seen this on looks good,” one person wrote.

“I was scared for you at first, but you’re awesome,” another complimented.

“NO BC THIS IS SO GOOD IN REALITY I JUST DID THE SAME THING,” someone else wrote enthusiastically.

TikToker tints his eyebrows despite fans telling him it looks bad
Another user decided to dye her eyebrows even though her followers urged her not to.

The spunky blonde look comes after ultra-thin 1990s brows were all the rage earlier this year among A-listers – although still-recovering fashion veterans warned of irreversible over-hair removal.

At least is the hair dye reversible?

Other TikTokers jumped on and pondered the trend, whether play with the filter Where mildly entertaining the thought to whiten their own eyebrows.

“The urge to bleach my eyebrows every time TikTok releases a new clear eyebrow filter”, the text read on a video posted by @zeececiliawhich garnered 71,700 views.

TikToker dyes eyebrows brown
One user dyed her jet black eyebrows light brown instead of bleached blonde.

But some didn’t even stop to reconsider.

TikToker @gemmarc1a used box dye to drastically change her jet-black eyebrows to a light brown shade, while the user @mikayla__matt dyed hers in “contempt” when her followers said she would look unattractive with bleached eyebrows after trying the filter.

For user @soda.maillet, she wasn’t so sure she would look good with bleached eyebrows since TikTok filter changes users face structures.

But eventually, she gave in.

In a clip with over 342,100 viewsshe grabbed a can of bleach and got to work.

“I think it’s really cute,” she admitted to a follow-up video. “I think they suit my skin color better.”

TikToker tincture goes wrong
But not everyone’s dyeing experience was smooth. A user hated his yellow tinted eyebrows.

In the clips, users mostly used at-home box dye or men’s beard dye to change their eyebrow tint. Although beard dye is intended for the face, getting bleach in contact with fine eyebrow hair and delicate facial skin could cause a problem.

“Ingredients used to bleach hair [that include] high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can cause severe burns,” New York dermatologist Michelle Henry told Allure in 2019.

In reality, investigation conducted by King Saud University in Saudi Arabia showed that bleaching the eyebrows could lead to redness, itching and peeling of the skin, which occurred in more than 50% of the participants.

“If the solution is too strong, eyebrows and hair can be damaged,” Henry also told Allure. “Severe burns can also lead to permanent hair loss. Even when done incorrectly, the process can dry out and damage hair, making it more susceptible to breakage.

But not everyone prefers blondes. User @ellajajaja made the mistake of believing she could look good with a bleached forehead, but instead they ended up looking like straw.

“It’s your sign NOT to bleach your brows because this filter ‘looks good on you,'” the text warned on his TikTok. The revealing clipwhich recorded 1.6 million views, was preceded by another with nearly 368,700 viewsin which she showed off her new look to her friends.

“Ella, they look so bad, dye them back,” one girl said in the video, agreeing with others who simply said “No.” (Except for one person, who said she was “killing”.)

Despite users in the comments telling her to tone them up so they’re less yellow, she gave in and used beard dye for men to turn them back to brown – yet somehow they looked better than before.

“So this is my sign to bleach my eyebrows and dye them their original color? Lol,” one user commented, to which Ella replied, “NO.”

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