Parents are less likely to donate tap water now



Parents are now more likely to take steps to ensure their families have access to safe, clean drinking water.

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Parents seem to agree that filtration systems are needed to ensure families have safe drinking water. When it comes to water, many families can take it for granted. They just turn on the tap for a drink, or they go to their local store and buy bottled water. However, this is not the case for many families in the United States and around the world. There are families who do not have access to safe drinking water, and since water is a basic human right, it is a problem. Families want to make sure everyone has access to water for their health and well-being.

According to Web RP, a survey found what families think of their drinking water, especially during the current pandemic. The survey was completed by Aquasana, and can be read in full here. Aquasana is one of the largest manufacturers of water filtration solutions.

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Their survey found that parents are now more likely to take steps to ensure their families have access to safe and clean drinking water. He also revealed that the pandemic has impacted water quality issues among parents more than any other civilian.

The survey involved more than 2,000 American adults and they are comparing their results as of now to a survey done before the pandemic. Parents are now better informed about their tap water than they have been in the past, and they want to make sure it is safe. They are also more concerned with it than adults who are not parents. Probably because they think about the health of their children as well as their own. When you get the actual numbers, you see that the parents are 64% more likely to say they are knowledgeable about their tap water than those who are not parents.

He also found that 70% of parents said that it is necessary to filter the tap water in their home before consuming it. This number is probably so high because parents were also the group who were most aware of what could possibly be in their tap water and how it can harm. The pandemic has heightened this awareness among parents as the survey conducted this year showed a 34% increase in awareness and concern over tap water. Water may be a basic human right, but parents want a little more than that, they want it to be safe.

Sources: Web RP, Aquasana

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