Open Influence Launches Go Prism Self-Service SaaS Solution, An Innovative Influencer and Insights Marketing Tool for Social Media Marketers

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Open Influence, a global influencer marketing platform, announced the launch of Go Prism, an exclusive creator marketing insights and trends tool that leverages innovative AI-powered content analytics and data cross-channel to help brands make better decisions when needed. to influencer marketing.

The Competitive Insights, Performance Benchmarks and Brand Safety features have been a game-changer for us as we seek bids from top retail brands,” said Alden Reiman, CEO and Founder of The Reiman Agency.

Powered by AI, with analysis of over 100 billion data points, Go Prism analyzes over 421 million unique pieces of content, 87 million hashtags and mentions, and 1 million top creators on all major social media platforms.

Go Prism is a content and information resource for brands to find data and qualitative analysis of insights and trends to help advance influencer and creator marketing programs. Key features include:

  • Brand safety audits: Brand safety is a top concern for all marketers who work with creators. Our tool flags potentially risky content from an influencer and makes it quick and easy for marketers to take a look. We report the following content: Sexual Content, Alcohol, Drugs, Religion and Offensive Language/Profanity.
  • Competitive analysis: Create custom competitive reports in any industry to analyze or present a brand’s relative influencer performance, share of voice, and engagement analytics. Track which pieces of content work with competitors, discover top performing posts, and track sponsored posts by industry.
  • Discovery of influencers: Using a database of over one million high-quality creators to discover the most effective creators for any campaign, the influencer finder allows users to create custom lists, pull leveraged AI to identify hard-to-find creators, sort and filter based on personalization. criteria and evaluate the creator’s brand safety scores.
  • Influencer audience data: View a detailed breakdown of creator audience demographics, from age to geography to size of their audience/following.
  • Search as a service: Enterprise customers have access to Go Prism’s data science and research team to help them run customizable reports and in-depth analytics.

Most marketers still struggle to figure out exactly what to do or who to work with when it comes to influencer marketing, and this problem is only growing as more and more creators, platforms, and features emerge”, explains Eric Dahan, Co-founder/CEO of Open Influence.

Most social measurement tools for influencer identification only offer basic analysis of the tip of the iceberg of macroscopic industry trends. Go Prism cuts through the noise of social media to deliver actionable insights, enabling brands and agencies to better follow trends in the influencer marketing industry and ultimately make better investment decisions” , Dahan adds.


Go Prism, a proprietary social intelligence platform, leverages innovative technology and analytics, as well as cross-channel datasets, to give brands access to on-demand social insights. It cuts through the noise of social media to deliver actionable insights, enabling brands to determine competitive benchmarks, understand campaign effectiveness, and make more informed decisions about targeting and spending.

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