Offerpad to plant a tree for every house he buys or sells until the end of 2022

CHANDLER, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Offerpad, a leading technology platform for residential real estate, today announced its partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) as a tree planting partner under the organization non-profit 50 million for our forests campaign.1 Offerpad will plant one tree for every home it buys or sells until the end of 2022. In 2021, Offerpad bought over 9,000 homes and sold over 6,000 in over 1,700 cities and towns out of 21 US markets across the country.

“Everyday Counts” is a value that underpins our approach to helping today’s home buyers and sellers,” said Joe O’Donnell, vice president of customer experience at Offerpad. “’Everyday Counts’ is even more critical when it comes to caring for our environment and our communities. It’s something that touches us all, every day, and we couldn’t be more excited that this opportunity can help our customers implement environmental sustainability by helping and supporting Offerpad’s commitment. to the National Forest Foundation’s 50 Million For Our Forests campaign. .”

With over a million acres to reforest,2 the NFF leads conservation efforts to restore and enhance publicly owned national forests and grasslands. Reforestation helps restore forest cover and improve our natural air filter.3 When trees grow and consume air, they remove harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.4 A hundred trees can remove 430 pounds of air pollutants per year.5

National forests are an important part of life for many homeowners and local communities, providing endless opportunities to enjoy nature and stay active. The NFF reports that 7 in 10 Americans live within a 2-hour drive of a national forest, and restoration helps improve the quality of recreational activities for more than 160 million visitors annually.6

“We love that Offerpad values ​​protecting our national forests for the future. Thanks to partners like Offerpad, we’ve planted more than 21 million trees in national forests across the country,” said Mindy Crowell, director of the reforestation partnership for the NFF.

In addition to its partnership with the NFF, Offerpad today also announced its partnership with the City of Chandler to adopt a local park near the company’s headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. As part of its sponsorship of the city’s Centennial Park, local Offerpad employees and their families can volunteer to participate in monthly cleanup events to help maintain it.

About Offerpad

Offerpad’s mission is to provide your best way to buy and sell a home. Period. We use technology solutions to redefine the experience of selling and buying homes by giving customers the convenience, control and certainty to solve their housing needs. We combine our core real estate expertise with our data-driven “Solutions Center” digital platform to provide users with a holistic customer-centric experience, enabling them to effectively sell and buy their homes online with simplified access to other services, including mortgage, listing and buyer representation services. Visit for more information.

About the National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation works on behalf of the American public to inspire personal and meaningful connections to our national forests. By directly engaging Americans and mobilizing private and public funding, the NFF leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. Each year, the NFF restores fish and wildlife habitat, facilitates common ground, plants trees in areas affected by fire, insects and disease, and improves recreational opportunities. The NFF believes that our national forests and all they offer are an American treasure and are vital to the health of our communities. Learn more at






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