New clamping tool seals the deal for many repair situations



SUR & R., The vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, is launching the CT500 Universal Collar Making Tool Kit, which will quickly create 360-degree metal joints that hold a wide variety of objects together.

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The CT500 Kit includes the Plier Making Tool designed and manufactured in a Husky Corporation facility, 18 gauge stainless steel wire, wire clamp and mini diagonal cutters. Potential uses for the CT500 kit include, but are not limited to: CV boots, cooling and air pipe repairs, daily home repairs, assembly of various materials (from metal to wood), repairs fuel lines and more.

“The CT500 is ideal for making repairs that involve tightening or strapping, especially when other options don’t perform as well or aren’t available. It’s one of those handy products to keep in the type of tool or glove box that can save the day when nothing else will work, ”SUR&R said. National Sales Director Bob Joy. “The CT500 allows you to make a clamp of virtually any diameter, as long as you have enough wire. “

Many sets of clamps, like the common worm clamp, do not provide a uniform seal around objects that need to be held firmly together. Wire clamps made with the CT500, however, are true 360 ​​degree joints with long lasting connections through durable stainless steel wire.

“The CT500 is a smart innovation with a relatively simple design,” said John Sever, Husky Product Design Engineer. “We are able to machine major components here and assemble everything here in Pacific, MO. If you need a good pliers fast, this is the tool for you.

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