MODEX C-Suite Q&A: Troy Donnelly, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Applications, DMW&H

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Troy Donnelly – Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Applications – DMW&H

Q: What is your main conclusion at Modex 2022?

Donnelly: The show exceeded my expectations. Going into it, I think a lot of us weren’t sure if everyone was ready to get back to shows and big events. And the one thing Modex has demonstrated is that they are ready and in full force. I think it will be encouraging for other shows later this year. I haven’t heard of a person who didn’t think it was just a smash hit.

Q: What do you think are the top three market trends?

Donnelly: The quantity and complexity of products and solutions in our industry are growing at an exponential rate. With all the investment and venture capital pouring into the supply chain and logistics industry, companies are responding with even more creative and innovative solutions.

Second, I think people always want things to be faster, and we certainly see that both in terms of the speed of solution development and the deployment itself. The time required to implement a solution has financial impacts, both in terms of concept and design. Due to these factors, there is increased pressure to shorten this time frame so that good projects are designed and implemented very quickly.

Finally, a big part of the rationale for any of these projects is business continuity, which also influences the design. In fact, business continuity is sort of the “new measure” of ROI in terms of: How are we going to keep operating? How will we continue to grow? How will this solution help us respond to the changing environment so that we can continue to drive the business forward?

Q: How is DMW&H responding to these market trends?

Donnelly: There are so many different technologies that it becomes incredibly difficult for customers to keep up. To help you, we are strengthening our “vertical market” methodology. Using our understanding of business and operational conditions within verticals, we develop specific solution sets that meet the unique requirements of those verticals. This differs from a generalist integrator, who casts a wide net and tries to look at everything, which becomes more and more difficult due to the complexity of different companies and technologies. With our vertical orientation, we can filter relevant technologies and create configurable solutions that shorten development and deployment time, while maximizing solution benefits.

April 8, 2022

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