Management says problem solved, residents say tap water is still brown at Billings Mobile Home Park

Meadowlark Mobile Home Park management says the well water system filter has been fixed and everything is now clean and healthy.

But some people who live there say they still don’t want to drink the water.

Residents spoke of brown water coming out of their taps last month.

Some say it started late last year, while others say the problem has been around for longer.

Mike Padilla says the water looks clear later in the day, but still comes out brown in the morning.

Meadowlark Mobile Home Park resident Mike Padilla.


“I took it out this morning at 7 a.m. and it’s still not drinkable,” Padilla said. “I’m not going to drink it.”

Padilla says he uses the water for showers and washing clothes, but not much else.

“We have to put all the stain in here and I scrub it clean and make it nice and then it just comes back when we do the dishes again,” he said.

He says he is concerned about his water heater and the brown water has caused stains in his bathroom.

“Yeah, my toilet is really dirty,” Padilla said.

Her neighbor says she won’t drink the water either.

Vicky Jo Aimes.PNG

Meadowlark Mobile Home Park resident Vicky Jo Aimes.

Photo KTVQ

“Pass me the pot,” Vicky Jo Aimes said of a pot of water in Padilla’s house. “What would you use it for? What would you use it for? You tell me.”

We contacted Havenpark, the management company of Meadowlark, and received a call back from 10 to 1 Public Relations.

A spokesperson wouldn’t do an interview or issue a statement, but told us over the phone that supply issues had delayed delivery of the filter.

This filter was replaced on February 15, according to a water repair specialist in Billings.

“It’s the water we still come out of,” Padilla said. “Like I said, it was this morning. We still get it, so it can’t be fixed.”

“Well, they have to take it a step further,” Aimes said. “Obviously it’s not the filter now, is it?”

The company spokesperson also says this is completely normal for well water and may need to settle.

And he says the water has high levels of iron and magnesium, but contains no harmful bacteria.

A DEQ inspector said the same thing to Q2 about a month ago.

“Let them drink if it’s safe,” Padilla said.

“I would love to see them go from trailer to trailer and have a drink of water in front of everyone,” Aimes said. “Go ahead. Be my guest.”

The Havenpark spokesperson says he is not aware of any complaints and the company has received compliments on the repairs and believes the issue has been resolved.

He adds that if there are any concerns, residents should contact the management office.

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