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Intel Corp. launched its new high precision stereo camera to improve its RealSense D435 depth camera.
The latest addition improves RealSense camera performance through the use of infrared pass filters, the company says in a press release.
“The Intel RealSense D435f depth camera expands our portfolio targeting the growing autonomous mobile robot market. The D435f uses an IR pass filter to improve depth noise quality and performance range in many robotic environments,” said Joel Hagberg, product and marketing manager for Intel RealSense Technology.
Intel has a major operation in the Rio Rancho area and plans to add 700 employees as part of an expansion.
The Intel RealSense D435f depth camera is designed to meet the challenges of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) in variable lighting environments.
In addition to the Intel® RealSense™ Stereo product portfolio, the D435f depth camera is based on the popular wide-field-of-view global shutter D435 model with an IR-pass filter attached to stereo depth sensors. The IR pass filter effectively increases the relative strength of the textured IR spotlight pattern.
This improves depth noise quality and performance range in many robotics-specific environments. The D435f also offers high-resolution global shutter depth sensors for high-speed motion, essential for AMR.
Adding the IR pass filter to the D435f improves the depth quality of the stereo camera in scenes with repetitive vertical patterns, such as poles in an airport, vertical blinds, pipes in the ceilings, drains of floor or small floor tiles. It also helps to reduce visible reflections such as ceiling lights reflecting off shiny floors or tables.
The D435f camera is also designed for increased range performance in textureless indoor environments such as a white wall. The RealSense stereo camera generally works well indoors and outdoors, but the IR pass filter makes the D435f camera ideal for sunlight.
The D435f is designed to address issues that have been observed when using stereo cameras with AMR. In a warehouse environment where bright LED or fluorescent overhead lights created false object detection due to reflections, fewer potential navigation issues due to reflections or repetitive patterns are expected from AMRs with the D435f .
The D435f is part of the Intel® RealSense™ D400 camera series, a family that takes Intel’s latest depth-sensing hardware and software offerings and integrates them into easy-to-integrate integrated products. The camera is assembled with an IR-pass filter on Intel’s production line with simple, out-of-the-box integration into customer products.
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