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JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg Municipal Authority (JMA) will be holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday, October 5, starting at 9 a.m. at its Market Street offices.

This meeting is organized to address the water distribution issues that have plagued the new water plant since it went online last month.

Johnsonburg’s new water plant was to end the water problems that have plagued Johnsonburg for years. Over the past 20 years, water quality issues have resulted in a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) “consent” order, which has required increased monitoring of municipal water withdrawn from Silver reservoirs. Creek and Powers Run.

The new water treatment plant draws its water directly from the Clarion River and, through the use of a membrane filtration system, produces some of the best tested water in all of Elk County. Membrane filtration, widely used in chemical and biotechnological processes, is already a valuable means of filtering and cleaning wastewater and industrial processes. This process is now used to filter impurities from drinking water, and the new JMA plant incorporates this technology. The current problem with the JMA has nothing to do with the “quality” of the water but with the distribution of this clean water to delimit areas of higher altitude or further from the central plant.

GD&F (Gwin Dobson & Foreman Inc.), the engineers of the new water plant, proposed the installation of a 12 “water distribution line to correct the problem. The emergency meeting is held on Tuesday due to an increase in the price of the pipe for the project. Continental Construction’s current bid for the installation of a 12 “line is $ 295,000.00. If no decision is made by Wednesday, the price will increase by $ 12,000 due to cost increases with the pipe supplier. Currently, Continental Construction has a verbal grip on the price of pipes, but they will need a commitment before Wednesday to avoid cost increases.

As with all JMA meetings, the public is free to attend and customer feedback is sought, especially those in areas currently experiencing problems. The meeting is not expected to last more than an hour and the results will be immediately posted on the CMA website at

Customers in the Dill Hill area are reminded that they are still under a “boil water” notice even though the Powers Avenue customer notice has been listed.

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