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With a commercial loan, entrepreneurs can create financial scope for action without having to conduct elaborate negotiations in advance. Trade credits are offered by banks or savings banks. The principle of a commercial loan is simply explained: it works practically like a disposition credit (ugs. “Dispo”).

The company’s account is set up by the relevant financial institution with a line of credit up to which the company can keep the account on the target. Interest is due only to the money borrowed by the managing director for his ongoing litigation at the bank.

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Sufficient leeway in financial terms is the basic idea of ​​a cash payday loan online.

The entrepreneur tells his bank how business is done. As a rule, an annual financial statement or a profit and loss account will suffice – depending on the form of the company. He also fills out a self-report with many banks and savings banks.

Why does a company need a commercial loan?

The advantage of a commercial loan lies above all in the flexibility – the loan is used only when needed and is available quickly. In some cases, this variant is also cheaper than other credit alternatives.

Entrepreneurs want to react flexibly to the markets or exploit discounts. It sometimes happens that payment defaults have to be compensated or spontaneous purchases or repairs are necessary. Since the liquid funds are sometimes not sufficient, straightforward financing ago.

The entrepreneur could take up new credit negotiations each time and conclude a separate financing contract for each case – presumably, the interest conditions would be more favorable. What is missing, in this case, is often the time. Even a bank that has been with the company for a long time needs a few days or weeks to process a loan application.

So time passes, which let the granted discounts expire or machines standstill since the necessary repair lies cost-technically on ice.

The bottom line is that, despite the sometimes higher interest rates, it makes economic sense to have a flexible commercial loan granted. For example, the company ensures that the cash flows continue undisturbed, which (as a rule) earns considerably more than the interest on commercial loans.

Do commercial loans work for big purchases?

Theoretically, purchases by commercial credit are possible – but always useful. If high discounts can be achieved through quick action, the commercial loan is a really good idea.

However, if you are planning for the longer-term, you should use tailor-made loan offers. Organize the financial resources through a corporate loan, calmly compare the offers on the market and beat you in due course.

Tip for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which require uncomplicated and unbureaucratic financing: An alternative to the classical house bank offers Lavoie – a credit marketplace where individuals can invest in companies. The credit decision is made in 48 hours.

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