Huntkey was invited to observe the on-site launch of Tianzhou-3


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Shenzhen, china, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – The successful launch of Tianzhou-3 in Wenchang City on September 20, 2021, means that the Chinese space station construction mission is one step closer to complete success. Tianzhou-3’s main task is to transport and store goods, replenish the space station’s thruster, collect and store waste, and return it to the atmosphere for destruction. Compared with Tianzhou-2, Tianzhou-3 launch site is more efficient in installation.

In this historical context, Huntkey Group, which has contributed to the development of the aerospace industry, was invited to the Wenchang aerospace launch site in Hainan Province to observe the launch of Tianzhou-3. Mr Liu, Executive Chairman of Huntkey, Mr Zhang, Oucica Product Manager of Huntkey’s sub-brand, with Shenzhen Media Group, Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen), and other people and institutions, have witnessed the rapid development of Chinese aerospace technology. Mr. Liu was deeply moved and said that Huntkey would have constantly unremitting efforts for the development of the aerospace industry.

At January 28, 2021, Huntkey Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) based on years of technology accumulation and excellent product quality and has since embarked on an adventure to boost the development of the aerospace industry.

July to August 2021, Oucica KJ380 Photocatalyst Air Purifier participated in the simulated space environment experiment to test its ability to sterilize, disinfect and remove aldehydes in the living and working environment of astronauts. Volunteers were in a closed and isolated simulated space environment. The project team monitored, evaluated, and intervened on their fasting and sleep to verify fasting sensitivity and effectiveness, low metabolism in the human body, sleep monitoring, and sleep-promoting equipment. At the same time, psychological measurements of the cognition, mood, fatigue and environment of the team of volunteers during the period of solitary confinement were carried out.

Experimental results show that Oucica adopts the MaSSC Photocatalyst UVA Decomposition System, which can effectively decompose harmful substances and avoid secondary pollution of the environment. Compared with ordinary photocatalysts, the UVA decomposition system of MaSSC photocatalyst has more efficient purification capacity and does not produce harmful substances such as ozone. In addition, Oucica photocatalyst air purifier is also equipped with multi-layer activated carbon filter, which has multiple purification capabilities and much cleaner than ordinary products. Especially in the treatment of viruses and bacteria, it can effectively eliminate a variety of bacteria and viruses, including influenza A H1N1 virus, influenza H3N2 virus and enterovirus EV71, including a variety of common indoor bacteria and viruses, with a removal rate as high as 99.99%.

In order to achieve this technical product qualification, Huntkey has endured tens of thousands of experimental attempts and has been tempered by setbacks and failures. After three years, he finally successfully combined meltblown technology with photocatalyst technology, breaking the current design tradition of pure filtration and adsorption. Traditional filtration and adsorption air purifiers can clean the air at the start of use, but over time, once the adsorption material reaches the saturation level, it releases toxic and harmful gases. , and the harmful substances deposited on the filter will also volatilize, causing secondary pollution of the environment for the human body and there is a pathogenic risk.

Compared to the surface of the Earth, the living environment of astronauts in space is more difficult. How can the materials transported by Tianzhou-3 not be contaminated? How to achieve the purification of harmful gases in the space station? How to improve the pollution problem of formaldehyde released at the early stage of using the material? They once became concerns aerospace engineers, who were related to the health of astronauts and directly affected the efficiency and performance of the space station. The results of the Ocica tests undoubtedly helped to solve this problem and kept the aerospace industry running smoothly to some extent.

After observing the launch on site, Mr. Liu visited the Aerospace Science Museum. Museum staff explained in detail the entire process of the Tianzhou-3 launch mission. Mr. Liu said he was the first time for him to understand the process of aerospace work from a professional point of view and feel the charm of aerospace technology. The rigorous and diligent spirit of astronauts will continue to inspire Hunting key to do a good job in our industry, to do a good quality job and to strive to make contributions in the future.

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In 2020, Huntkey introduced its latest photocatalyst air purifier – the world’s desktop air purifier. The desktop air purifier is designed to be portable and can effectively remove chemical fumes, odors, mist particles and many other air pollutants. For more information visit


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