How brands can multiply their revenue with effective social media advertising

By Vatsal Rajgor

While social media has been around for over two decades, it’s only been a few years since brands figured out how to use the medium to its full potential. As brands around the world understand the value of the connections and contacts that can be made through social media, the medium has become a priority for marketers. In January 2022, there were a total of 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms and the amount of time adults use social media, 95 minutes a day, is higher than ever.

Brand recognition and engagement

Social media is a very powerful tool for brands to boost their recognition, reputation and interact with customers in real time. It is through social media that brands can establish themselves quite close to customers and target the right kind of audience. Social media also attracts new leads and keeps existing ones in touch with their customers.

Research by Duggan et al in 2015 proved that more than 74% of online consumers use social media platforms and more than 50% of them obtain brand related information by following brand pages.

This means that brands with a more active social media presence are able to build their recall value quite quickly and associate themselves with the trust and daily routines of their customers. Regardless of brand size, social media also provides a level playing field where the name with the most creative approach can stand out.

It is common knowledge that for a brand to excel, customers must be loyal to the brand and invest in it. Having close relationships with customers helps them perceive the brand as reliable and trustworthy. It has been proven that viewing ads on a laptop is significantly lower than on a mobile.

In fact, the whole concept of email marketing was to help brands get closer to their customers and build a personal connection with them. Social media is the perfect tool to interact with customers.

Freedom to explore and connect more deeply with the target audience

Social media gives brands the freedom to talk about a number of different things while exploring different formats. For example, a brand could make a video message for Mother’s Day or have a giveaway contest for Father’s Day, among other things. This helps the brand to hold the customer’s attention as the content is not repetitive and keeps them engaged in a unique way.

By using social media, brands can individually reach their target audience quite accurately. This personal connection comes at a much lower cost than traditional offline marketing methods where there is no guarantee that the target audience will ever stumble upon the advertisement.

According to a study conducted by Sproutsocial, a marketing website, the social media advertising market recently exceeded 25% and has grown into a $137 billion industry. This is because social media creates connections for brands that go beyond their country of origin and locality. Brands are able to establish themselves globally and see a faster rate of growth globally through proper social media engagement.

All forms of social media allow brands to have a higher position on search and channel their audience according to their needs. Every customer has a different story with the same brand, some may only invest in one aspect while others would invest in all services or products, hence the importance of personalization with social media marketing.

A very personal approach to targeting customers

Social media marketing can help build very personal collections and allows brands to filter the audience and categorize them based on their areas of interest. This way, they can receive content that might interest them and help brands calculate ROI. This helps customers get to know their interests better without being spammed by brand promotions.

Social media gives brands control and helps them drive and broker traffic to their websites or online handles. They can hand out quizzes on competitor handles to increase activity and traffic there. This format also allows brands to have more control over their budgets as well as with pay per click advertising.

That said, this form of marketing is an enigma with some of the best features. It provides a personal experience with all customers, while helping the brand build international relationships. He created a contemporary and localized experience in the app while keeping the content conversational enough on a global scale. This is the best way to increase investments and income in the modern world.

The author is co-founder and CEO of Digimaze. The opinions expressed are personal.

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