Horsesmouth and Alliance for Lifetime Income Partner for Retirement Education Effort on Rolling Stones ‘No Filter’ Tour 2021


“We are delighted to support the Alliance in raising public awareness of the role that Safe Life Income plays in helping people achieve financial security in retirement,” said William T. Nicklin, CEO of Horsesmouth. “Social Security is the grandfather of retirement security and we are excited to spotlight the top financial professionals who play a vital role in their communities by educating the public on the best ways to claim Social Security . “

Nicklin said finance professionals and experts from across the country who have developed their skills using the company’s Savvy Social Security Planning program will be featured by the Alliance on its activation sites outside of the classroom. concert.

“Social Security is the largest retirement pension in the world, but it is never sufficient to achieve financial security,” Nicklin said. “That’s why it’s important for people to maximize their claims strategy and know exactly how much extra income they’ll need to feel secure in retirement.”

Financial professionals will also be eligible to participate in an Alliance sponsored Stones ticket competition in each city of the No Filter tour and enter to win one of two dozen annual Savvy Social Security program memberships. Planning of Horsesmouth.

Since its introduction in 2008, the Savvy Social Security Planning program has been used by tens of thousands of financial professionals to educate themselves as well as millions of clients and community members on how to get the most out of life. social security and to coordinate benefit claim strategies with overall retirement. Planning. The impact of education has made a difference across the country. Since the program’s inception, the average age of claiming benefits for retirees has risen steadily for a decade, whereas it had remained stable for the previous decade.

The program includes basic educational resources for professionals and materials to educate clients and community members. The program’s critically acclaimed suite of social security analytical tools allow professionals to estimate benefits and provide advice on claims strategies. The tools were ranked among the best in terms of user satisfaction by thousands of finance professionals in the T3 Software survey for 2021 among the major players in the social security planning segment (including providers with a market share greater than 1.5%).

For the most complex Social Security cases and claims strategy issues, the team behind the Savvy Social Security Planning program provides one-on-one support through the program’s website. The team has responded to over 17,500 complex cases and inquiries for finance professionals over the past few years.

Jean Statler, CEO of the Alliance, said the Rolling Stones, with over 50 years of rock and roll, were a perfect match for a campaign to encourage people to live their retirement to the fullest.

Statler said the Alliance’s partnership with Horsesmouth helps them expand their mission of helping finance professionals create retirement income plans for clients that avoid the risk of outliving their retirement savings and provide more reliable income. Planning for social security is a critical first step in this process.

“As the sole sponsor of the Rolling Stones ‘No Filter’ tour, the Alliance for Lifetime Income looks forward to getting back on the road with the band this year,” Statler said. “We have all spent the past 18 months focusing on protecting our health and fighting a global pandemic. We are thrilled to be a part of this iconic tour and one-of-a-kind show as we educate millions of Stones fans, now more than ever, on the need for safe retirement income. “

Financial professionals: register today

Interested in winning a pair of tickets to see the world’s greatest rock n ‘roll band? How about earning a one-year membership in Horsesmouth’s Savvy Social Security Planning, the industry-leading program helping professionals educate their clients on how to get the most out of Social Security? Dont miss this opportunity :

Visit the Alliance raffle page: at http://resources.protected

Financial professionals will be able to:

– Enter a raffle to win tickets to see the Rolling Stones
– Enter a raffle to win a one-year membership in Savvy Social Security Planning by Horsesmouth
– Access the Alliance’s online educational resources for free for financial professionals and their clients

All financial professionals who enter the raffle will gain free access to the Financial Professionals Resource Center and Alliance newsletter, which offers an extensive library of resources for financial professionals. finance to educate themselves and their clients on safe income and the use of annuities in retirement planning. Resources are updated monthly, many of which can be customized and are reviewed by FINRA.

About Horsesmouth
Horsesmouth helps finance professionals educate their clients and grow their businesses. We serve financial advisers, planners, agents, accountants and other professionals, representing every major financial company and business model. Our Savvy Social Security Planning program was the industry’s first comprehensive client education program. It combines professional training, marketing, software, personalized case assistance and customer training materials reviewed by regulators. Horsesmouth offers a portfolio of similar programs including Savvy Medicare Planning, Savvy Tax Planning, Savvy IRA Planning, Savvy College Planning, Savvy Generational Planning, Savvy Caregiving and Savvy Cybersecurity. The Horsesmouth team are guided by extensive primary research and two decades of experience. The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, with employees spread across the country. To learn more, visit

About the Lifetime Income Alliance
The Alliance for Lifetime Income is a 501 (c) (6) nonprofit educational organization based in Washington, DC that educates and educates Americans about the value and importance of having a safe lifetime income at the retirement. Our vision is of a country where no American faces the prospect of running out of money in retirement. The Alliance provides consumers and financial professionals with educational resources, interactive tools, and actionable research and ideas to use in developing retirement income strategies and plans. We believe that focusing attention and conversation on a retirement income that lasts a lifetime leads to greater retirement security for millions of Americans. Learn more at

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