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Families’ years have not only brought good news, the Orbán government has abolished home saving funds and made the operation of housing bureaus meaningless in the future.

Negotiated in one week! The government abolished state subsidies for apartment savings, making it virtually impossible for them to continue operating, but the conditions for running LTPs have not changed.

Housing support is expected to be taken over by Family Home Discount 

LTP Today: LTPs concluded so far are unchanged. After the monthly payment of HUF 20,000, the state grants 30% subsidy, up to a maximum of HUF 72,000 per year. The bill came quickly, and the bill was negotiated, passed and the head of state could sign it the next day. Those who sign up after that are good to know that LTP can be made, but it’s not worth it without government support!

Existing contracts are not harmed by the government’s plan, but after the promulgation of the law there is no state support! The National Home Creation Community could take over what is known as the state home lottery and the organizing companies that deal with this construction can gain a great advantage! True, it does not increase the chances of low income people creating a home.

Home lottery in a nutshell

Home lottery in a nutshell

The point is that members pay a monthly amount for 10-15 years, for example. HUF 80,000 a month to the private company, which draws a loan from them to whom they provide interest-free loans for the purchase of their homes. Increase your chances of winning with a bigger deposit! The 30% state subsidy was not shaken by the government, which in this line-up would be close to HUF 300,000. The only such private company is Central NOK Szervező Zrt., Highlighted by Antal Rogán’s bill last year! The money raised cannot be withdrawn prematurely (10-15 years), as the policy states that it must be left until maturity!

The GFD has registered the first home-building community, and the first home lottery has become official!

According to the news so far, the state housing lottery has not been a very attractive alternative to home saving funds, and now it will not be a great opportunity to get low-income housing either, since the monthly 80.000 HUF for 15 years is unattainable for families with fewer incomes!

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