Home Purchase – Requirements for Housing

Write down your needs and desires for your future home in order of priority, and make more targeted and effective requirements as you come up with them.

Reviews of housing, some questions to consider.

Reviews of housing, some questions to consider.

What type of accommodation are you looking for? Villa, apartment or house?

Looking for a particular style – for example. modern minimalist style or the more traditional brick house?
How many square meters do you need?
How many rooms, must it be?
Do you have a garden, balcony or garage?
Are you willing to invest time and money on home improvements or will it be renovated from the start?

A good advice is that the location is the most important thing when buying a home. The location is the only one you can’t change! Remember that.

A good location usually means you get less quality for your money. For example, ocean views in the right area to make housing more expensive than a similar home with a more modest location. Therefore, it is a good idea to challenge yourself, how much location means to you.

Begin by considering the general requirements you must set.

Is your future home set in rural idyll with views of the open plain, or in the middle of the vibrant city life?
What should be the distance to jobs, shops, schools and institutions, green spaces and noise sources such as roads and trains?
Consider how tight your housing budget is. Would you give up compared to, for example; size, location or similar, in exchange for greater financial leeway?

Buying a home – consider the current municipality

Buying a home - consider the current municipality

Consider which municipality you want to live in.
How are the business and employment opportunities in general in the municipality?
How is the cultural and sports offer?
How are schools and institutions meeting your or your family’s needs?
How are the prices of institution places and other services? The prices for services vary considerably from municipality to municipality.
How is crime in the municipality – is it high or low? It may be relevant to home insurance and its size and opportunities to insure, for example. car.
Are there pollutant sources that would be annoying? It may be noise or other, other industry. You may also consider if there is a risk of radon in the ground?

Local Plan

Local Plan

The municipality decides land for the areas to look into the future and who will use them. This means that the possibilities and constraints for the scope and location of construction, colors and materials of buildings, fences and parking have been established.

Look at the local plans for the area you want to live in so that you do not, for example, build a house that takes in the new beautiful view.

Other relationships

Other relationships

Also consider, there is a possibility for cable TV, broadband etc. whether you need to live near public transport and if you can easily get around the municipality of public transport.
Did you know that it is currently taking twice as long to sell a home? According to Housing Purchase – When buying a home, you should create your own housing budget – Make sure you create your own housing budget and calculate what the available funds are.



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