Home Depot HDX Water Filters vs. Big Name Brands: How Do They Compare?

Looking only at price to start, HDX water filters cost $41.96 for a single unit ordered directly from Home deposit, and the price drops to $37.76 each when you order two or more packages at the same time. Subscriptions are available at $39.86 per unit with different options for shipping frequency. The Home Depot also offers a two-pack for $62.96, while a two-pack of the same HDX product is just under $60 on Amazon.

A single unit of the brand’s equivalent, GE, on the other hand, costs $52.48 to Home deposit with the price dropping to $47.23 when you order multiple filters. Subscription costs $49.86. Safer Amazon, a single GE brand replacement water filter will set you back $49.99. The subscription option brings it down to $47.49.

Basically for both brands, the quantity affects the price as well as the retailer you buy from. Since filters only need to be changed twice a year, and if customers only need to order one at a time, the HDX brand for a single filter seems like the best deal.

Of course, we’re not done yet because we still need to know how their filters compare in the area of ​​customer reviews.

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