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Live theater is back, although the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. Theaters have numerous protocols in place to ensure the safety of theater workers and the public, including requirements for testing and vaccination, wearing of masks, increased cleaning, and more. if a cast member suffers from a different illness or injury.

Below, find information about which Broadway and Off-Broadway shows have had to cancel performances, along with their reopening dates. We’ve also provided information on what to do if you’ve purchased tickets for a canceled show.

Which Broadway shows have canceled performances?

Below is a list of all Broadway shows that have canceled recent performances due to Covid-19 or other reasons, including other illnesses and injuries. This article will continue to be updated with the latest information on Broadway show cancellations.


Bad performances canceled from December 4 to 5 due to cases of Covid-19 in the company. The show resumes its performances on December 7.

David Byrne’s American Utopia

David Byrne’s American Utopia Performances canceled from December 1 to 5 due to a non-Covid-related illness at the company. Performances resume on December 8.


Chicago canceled performances Nov. 27-30 after two Ambassador Theater employees tested positive for Covid-19. Performances resumed on December 2.

Chicken & Biscuits

Chicken & Biscuits Performances canceled from November 9 to 18 due to cases of breach of Covid-19 in the company. Due to the impact of these cancellations, the show closed on November 28.

Which Off-Broadway Shows Have Canceled Performances?

No Off-Broadway show has canceled performances recently due to Covid-19 or other reasons. This article will be updated with the latest information on show cancellations and reopening dates as they are announced.

How will I know if a show I have tickets for is canceled?

The New York Theater Guide or your respective ticket provider will offer you options to reschedule tickets if your chosen performance has been canceled. Performances can be canceled a few days to a few hours before the scheduled start time, but our customer services team will get back to you as soon as possible if you have secured your tickets on New York Theater Guide. You can also bookmark this page to see updates on canceled Broadway and Off-Broadway performances.

My show is canceled. What do I do?

If you purchased your tickets through the New York Theater Guide, a member of the customer service team will contact you with next steps. If you need to send a question or request regarding your tickets to the Customer Service team, please complete the request form. Please note that the Client Services team is currently handling a high volume of inquiries and will first process inquiries for upcoming dates immediately.

If you booked your tickets on a site other than New York Theater Guide, contact your respective ticket provider.

What shows can I see in New York now?

With the return of live theater, there are plenty of shows to see in New York City right now. Browse our listings of Broadway and non-Broadway shows to see your options for current and upcoming shows in New York City. You can filter your search by plays, musicals, or other types of entertainment, as well as shows that open soon, close soon, are family friendly, and more.

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