Get My Boat allows boat owners to rent their boat


MISSOULA – You can rent a house, a car, a swimming pool and now a boat.

Get My Boat is a nationwide business that started in 2012, when the founders looked around their local marina and saw boats just sitting there, so they decided to do something that would benefit both the boat owner and to boaters.

It’s no secret that boating is an expensive business, but Get My Boat allows boat owners to rent their boats for those who want to get out on the water for fun.

“Bring accessibility to nautical experiences and the joys of boating to more people and also help boat owners offset the costs of ownership,” said Val Streif, Marketing Director of Get My Boat.

In Missoula, there are currently four listings for boat rentals, including guided fishing trips. To rent a boat, you go online and search for the area in which you want to rent.

You can filter by dates, group size, or budget. Every situation is different, sometimes the owners tow boats to the water or they have a slipway at the marina. From the reservation page, you can contact the boat owner directly to find out these details.

“Click on one of the boat options, you can send a booking request to the owner or the captain, you say, I want it for that many hours, you know, leaving that many people then and you can add notes for your itinerary and then the captain or owner will respond with an offer, ”Streif said.

The process is quick and easy and issues arise, there is a 24/7 customer service team ready to help.

“Homeowners, you know they are required to follow the rules of their insurance,” Streif said. “We have insurance offers for the bare boat and coverage through a partner if people are interested in going with us, but we, you know, we allow people to opt for the plan that suits them. “

There is also an option for those unfamiliar with operating a boat to have a captain, both on large and small vessels. Get My Boat also has ads for stand up paddleboards and kayaks.

Rental prices vary, but one thing is for sure, there is fun to be had no matter which way you decide to get out on the water.

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