From choosing the inbox theme to starting a video call, do it this way

From choosing inbox themes to starting a video call, learn 11 Gmail tips and tricks to get started.

Gmail is one of the most used apps that most people have on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. A Gmail account is not only needed to start new smartphones, but also for personal and business communication purposes. If you are not too familiar with the features available on this app, here are some tips and tricks that can be used to get started with Gmail. Whether it’s choosing an inbox theme, making a video call, or canceling sending a message, you can do it and more on Gmail.

However, it should be noted that you must have a Gmail account to do and view the following tips and tricks. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one. You will need to go to the Google account creation page, follow the onscreen steps to set up your account, and use the account you created to sign in to Gmail. By signing up for Gmail, you will also be able to use other Google products such as YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.

11 Gmail tips and tricks: knowing how to use

Step 1:
Choose a theme for your inbox: You can choose an image for your inbox background. To get started, click Settings, then Themes.

2nd step:
Consult the categories in your inbox: your emails are automatically organized into tabs. For example, an email regarding a sale from a shopping site can be found under the “Promotions” tab.

Step 3:
Search your emails: Use the search box to quickly find your emails. To filter your results, in the search box, click Show search options.

Step 4:
Manage emails before you open them: You can quickly manage emails using right click to perform operations like move, archive, ignore, filter or open in new window.

Step 5:
Organize your emails with labels: Labels are like folders, but you can add multiple labels to a message. To add a label to an email, select the email, then click Tags. The label will be displayed next to the email.

Step 6:
Open and download attachments: You will see a preview of the attachments sent to you at the bottom of your email. Click on the preview to view the attachment, download it, print it, and more.

Step 7:
Prevent horizontal scroll bars: If you need to scroll your screen to read an email, it might include an image that is too large, hidden, or part of a logo or graphic. Check your signature settings to make sure it’s not your logo.

Step 8:
Cancel sending a message: activate Cancel sending to have more time to check an e-mail before it is delivered.

Step 9:
Automatically manage incoming emails: Filters can do things like tag, archive, delete, feature, and forward your incoming emails automatically.

Step 10:
Start a video call: When you add someone to your Google chat list, you can start a video call with them from your inbox by hovering over their name and clicking start video call.

Step 11:
Check emails from all your accounts: If you use multiple accounts, you can check all of your emails in Gmail. You can also send messages from an address that is not your Gmail address.

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