Freewell Announces World’s ‘First’ Variable Magnetic ND Filter


Freewell announced what he calls the “world premiere” versatile variable neutral density (ND) magnetic filter for digital SLRs and mirrorless lenses.

Freewell had already dabbled in magnetic camera accessories when he released a Quick-Swap Magnetic Filter System in 2018.

According to the company, the new filter offers an extended range of exposure values ​​from two to nine full stops using just “two filters”, making it the first all-in-one variable ND system that uses stop filters. hard with the advantage of a quick -swap magnetic holder. The new kit includes seven types of filters, a VND2-5, VND6-9, CPL, ND32 / CPL, GLOW MIST, VND2-5XMIST and VND6-9XMIST. The company claims that these filters will provide a total of 20 unique functions at one of the most profitable locations in the market.

Freewell says the main difference between its VND system and other magnetic systems on the market, like what’s already offered by brands such as Breakthrough, is the all-magnetic installation and the “variable” nature of the filters.

“The other filters are just normal NDs, which means they only have one function as regular ND4,” said a representative from Freewell. PetaPixel. “Other systems use one piece for the glass filter which has already been available in the industry for decades. The only thing unique about other similar products is that they are magnetic. Freewell filters are the world’s first magnetic VNDs with a “seven plus one” feature set. Absolutely no other filter system on the market exists with such functionality and versatility.

The company also claims that the kit’s magnetic adhesion will hold the filters firmly in the holder, preventing vibration while still being easy to remove and adjust. The metal knurling on the bezel along each ND level helps grip when rotating to change values ​​and allegedly improves the precision of the stop setting. The company also claims that the transition from one single-window value to another is smooth and gradual, and should reduce the occurrence of “x-model overlaps” seen in other ND variables.

The filters use “premium high-definition optical glass” with a protective coating on both sides, which Freewell says makes them waterproof, dust, smudge, oil and scratch resistant for maximum grip. view in all weather conditions. The company also claims that the optical quality will be sharp from center to outer edge and free from any chromatic aberration or loss of detail. He also claims that there will be no vignetting on focal lengths greater than 16mm.

Freewell says his new system will be more convenient than others on the market, as shooters would only need to take the two filters with them when traveling, and still have the option of capturing footage using stops. ND from two to nine as well as having access to a built-in Circular Polarizer (CPL) and the bonus “Glow Mist” filter for creative applications.

Freewell is looking for crowdfunding to bring the product to market, and the Kickstarter pack also includes a compact case that can hold the entire kit securely, and it can easily slip into any bag, or snap into place. on any exterior strap or locking point.

the Freewell Magnetic VND Filter Kit is available for $ 299.99 as a “Super Early Bird” contributor, $ 349.99 as an “Early Bird” contributor, and once launched will retail for $ 399.99. After choosing a thread size for the mounting base, the kit includes 1 stop VND base, Glow Mist unit, VND 2-5 CPL magnetic filter, VND 6-9 / ND32CPL magnetic filter, magnetic lens and a protective case. The Kickstarter purchase also includes a lifetime warranty card, a video tutorial card, and a guide to the filters. Freewell estimates that shipping of the filter kits will begin between August and September 2021.

Warning: Be sure to do your own research on any crowdfunding project you plan to support. While our goal is to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there is always a real chance that you could lose your money when you support a crowdfunded project.

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