Elizabeth Banks shares unfiltered Instagram selfie



Elizabeth Banks is totally unfiltered.

The Walk of shame actress, 47 years old, caught on Instagram Friday to share two photos of her – one unfiltered and one with. Sporting a darker blonde shade than her typical platinum, she captioned the selfies: “No filter. Filter. Just know what’s going on. Hydrate. Seriously, go get a glass of water.”

The Perfect location 2 the director’s subscribers approved the post. One of them wrote: “On the way! to drink water because you told me. Another added: “I understand that you wear makeup for the on-light camera when shooting something, but I honestly believe you don’t really need it.” A third commented: “Any filter would be a downgrade from such natural beauty! “

Banks, who is currently shooting the film Cocaine bear in Ireland, denounced the pressure on women to look a certain way. In an interview on the Clever Podcast in July, she recalled an officer telling her she should have plastic surgery.

“I never got to fill that bikini top,” she shared with podcast hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. “One of my first great films was Hot humid american summer, and [director] David Wain said to me, “Will you be wearing this bikini?” And the first agent I ever met in LA, because I had an agent in New York, when I went to LA and interviewed this agent, said to me, ‘Did you ever think to find a boob job? ‘”

Later that month, Banks recalled on his original Audible podcast My body, my podcast a time when she felt insecure about the photos she had developed from a dance in high school that ultimately clouded her perception of a fun night out.

“I had this picture and all I could think of was, ‘Oh my God, all everyone was looking at was my chicken thighs and my raging acne, and my shiny forehead.’ , she explained. “The fact that it can ruin an evening for me always hits me. I can still feel that feeling.”

She said the memory reminded her of how “self-images are incredibly powerful.”

“There are never more images created than today, and never more tools, like filters and Photoshop, to modify these images,” she shared. “It is important to remember that the pictures are not our body. They are only pictures of our body.”

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