E-tailers focus on customer experience to increase conversions: insights from Searchspring

The Power Retail Switched On Trajectory report reveals the most frequently used website features. The 2022 report update brings vital insights to help online retailers understand and respond to changing consumer behavior.

Search is the most commonly used feature by 74% of respondents, followed by filters (65%), delivery calculators (56%), reviews (51%) and sorting (50%).

“These data reflect the changes we’ve noticed,” says Kate Massey, APAC manager at Searchspring. “With the evolution of on-site behaviors, search is an even more critical part of the customer experience. Retailers equipped with innovative digital tools, including search, merchandising and hyper-relevant product recommendations, see significantly higher conversion and AOV (Average Order Value) While the percentage of traffic using search is typically relatively low, these motivated shoppers represent a significant portion of revenue, for example, 22% of the retailer’s online revenue Beer Cartel craft beers are generated by shoppers using site search.

Shoppers who use combinations of search and filters are “motivated shoppers” and seek to find the most relevant products faster. “We work with merchants where data shows that shoppers who use enhanced filters convert at higher levels with higher AOV. For example, our client, CostumeBox, offers shoppers advanced search filter options, including “product type”, “occasion” and “theme”. traditional filters such as ‘price’, ‘category’, ‘brand’, ‘size’ and ‘color’ are commonly used, improved filters such as ‘style’, ‘trend’, ‘fit’ and ‘durability’ are now used used with increasing frequency.

Online reviews are another underused tool that heavily influences purchasing decisions. According to Gartner, 85% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Retailers that leverage online reviews can also allow shoppers to quickly sort and filter products based on top ratings. Elevating these top-rated (and often top-converting) products automatically puts them ahead of shoppers. Searchspring integrates with all major online review providers to further enhance the power of reviews.

Massey says, “The most successful retail companies of 2022 will use a variety of digital tactics to facilitate their customers’ buying journey and gain wallet share. So it’s no longer about meeting expectations, but rather about leading research, merchandising, and recommendations to create an exceptional customer experience that can’t be ignored. »

Searchspring provides the leading search, merchandising and personalization platform designed exclusively for retailers. To keep customers ahead of changing behaviors, Searchspring uses an automated product elevation program, Intellisuggest. By analyzing every product view, click, add-to-cart, and purchase, Intellisuggest forms a detailed understanding of shopper behavior and preferences. Customers are served with highly relevant results that instantly enhance the shopping experience.

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