Dorman announces 445 new products for November, including


Strong points:

  • Dorman® OE FIX â„¢ flexible stainless steel braided fuel line for over 2 million Chevrolet and GMC pick-ups and SUVs, adding to the aftermarket industry-leading coverage in this category
  • A complete OE FIX â„¢ steering swing repair kit for select Jeep Wrangler models, designed to help provide more predictable and consistent steering performance

COLMAR, Pa., Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: DORM) today announced the launch of 445 new auto parts, including 198 new aftermarket parts that advance the mission of the company is to give repair professionals and vehicle owners greater freedom to repair a wide range of cars and trucks.

Dorman continues to provide consumers with an aftermarket choice for common breakdowns on millions of vehicles. New November solutions include direct replacement fuel lines (904-008 and 904-011) for more than 13 million high-mileage Chevrolet and GMC vehicles, and a lower intake manifold (615-914) designed for replace the stock manifold on nearly nine million Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram models equipped with specified V6 engines.

Already a market leader in aftermarket parts for flexible and braided stainless steel fuel lines, Dorman is introducing coverage for more than two million Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks and SUVs this month. Routing rigid factory-type fuel lines under a vehicle can be difficult and time consuming. The new OE FIX â„¢ flexible fuel line (819-821) is manufactured to a vehicle specific length and includes factory mounts and connectors.

Jeep owners should welcome a new OE FIX Steering Swing Repair Kit (SWS96285RD) designed to help provide more predictable and consistent on-road steering performance on more than 600,000 selected Wrangler models. Owners of this popular SUV who regularly venture off-road love the strength and precise steering articulation of the Wrangler’s solid front axle. Off the trail, however, ordinary potholes or uneven pavement can sometimes cause the steering system to suddenly and sharply wobble. This “Jeep wobble” is usually the result of a road shock transmitted to the steering wheel by worn components of the original front suspension. This OE FIX solution includes upgraded and serviceable ball joints, heavy-duty steering damper, track bar relocation bracket to help correct stock suspension geometry, quick disconnect stabilizer bar links for a steering knuckle Maximum off-road and the hardware needed to clear bigger tires on Wranglers with up to 4 inches of lift.

Other highlights from this month’s new product announcement include:

  • An OE FIX 4WD (600-204XD) manual locking hub assembly for 1.2 million aging Ford and Lincoln SUVs.
  • A front air deflector (927-311) for 1.6 million latest generation Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup trucks.
  • A handy exhaust manifold hardware kit (675-223) for select Ford Super Duty pickups with 6.7L diesel engines.
  • A heavy-duty washer fluid reservoir (603-581) for specified GM vehicles, replacing an OEM reservoir which may be prone to cracking.
  • A fuel filter hose (904-399) with all necessary hardware for installation on certain aging Chevrolet and GMC vehicles.
  • A rear brake backing plate for late model Ram 1500 pickup trucks (924-235) designed to protect brake systems from debris and corrosive elements.
  • A transmission oil cooler line (624-750) for high mileage Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner models.

These are just a few of the 445 new features from Dorman presented this month. To sign up and receive all new product announcements from Dorman directly each month, visit To learn more about Dorman, follow Dorman’s virtual tour at

Note: The In-Service Vehicles (VIO) information in this press release is based on Dorman’s analysis of third-party reports.


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