Creator-Owned Nebula Just Created Its Own MasterClass For Creators

Belonging to the creator Nebula creates its own version of MasterClass, led by YouTubers.

The streaming service hosts content from around 160 self-described “educational” creators, and now they’re sharing their specializations with new ones. Nebula classes.

Sat (who asked us not to disclose his last name), the creator behind Wendover Productions (3.44 million subscribers on YouTube) and Half as interesting (2.17 million), explains the creators in the educational and edutainment spaces “receive many offers to do lessons, but it’s always on someone else’s terms, using someone’s subject. another, but using our production budget”.

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With Nebula Classes, “I and other creators exclusively teach about subjects that we’re passionate about, and that translates into the final product,” Sam says. “I’m extremely excited for our Nebula audience to see what we’ve done .”

Nebula was founded in 2019 by a network of creators Standard, and bills itself as a “well-thought-out expansion pack for YouTube”. Its current catalog of over 10,000 videos includes a mix of material from Standard creators, including Marked Brownlee, Kat Blaque, real life story, LegalEagleand real science.

Some Nebula videos are duplicates reposted from the creators’ YouTube channels, others are Nebula More clips that offer additional or behind-the-scenes footage, and some are Nebula Originals that are exclusive to the service and made using Standard’s production resources. One Nebula Original, for example, is Mysteries of the human body from the creator “way existential” Joe Scott (1.37 million). Another is Great Auto Test by the creators behind the edutainment channels second thought (1.24 million) and RealLifeLore (5.71 million).

Nebula recently took two steps: it accepted its first investment, an undisclosed amount of Curiosity stream which valued the service at more than $50 million; and last week it crossed half a million active subscribers, up from 100,000 in September 2020 and 350,000 in September 2021.

With Nebula Classes, the streamer’s top creators in categories including film and TV, music, technology, legal advice, business management, communication and travel, he says.

Beginning classes include:

  • How to sue like a lawyer from LegalEagle (2.25 million subscribers on YouTube)
  • Master persuasion on a daily basis from the creator behind Wendover Productions (3.44 million) and Half as interesting (2.17 million)
  • High spec content on a low spec budget from LowSpecGamer (885K)
  • How I was ready for my dream job from the creator behind Additional Credits (2.63 million)
  • Use animation to make your videos next level from Volksgeist (321K)
  • and Create strong patterns for jazz improvisation from Aimee Nolte Music (215K)

Dave WiskusFounder and CEO of Standard, says, “Nebula is about creators owning their platform, their destiny, their relationship with audiences. Videos, podcasts, now courses; it’s all part of that same story.

Nebula adds that the courses are intended to be premium videos that further its overall mission of providing curated, intelligent, and thoughtful content.

Being premium means that the courses have a slightly higher price. Nebula’s base subscription price is $5/month. Adding courses will cost an additional five dollars, bringing the total to $10 per month. Users who pay for Nebula through its bundle with Curiosity Stream — which offers content from both services for $20 per year — can also add Nebula Classes for the same additional $5/month.

(If you’re curious how Nebula compensates creators who create its content, we’ve written extensively about its model, but basically revenue is split 50/50.)

Thomas Franka productivity-focused creator with 2.43 million subscribers, is working on a business 101 course for Nebula Classes, and tells Tubular filter he hopes it will be “the guide I wish I had when I started as a creator”.

“When you’re starting out, no one tells you how to manage finances, taxes or business structure,” he says. “I had to learn all of this the hard way, but now others can just watch my Nebula class instead.”

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