Conclusion: The Fortinet FortiGate 60E gives branches a high level of security


Companies with both headquarters and small, remote branches scattered across a region or across the country have a problem: How can they ensure the same high level of cybersecurity in branch offices as they do in their digital fortresses?

Technology leaders will find that the Fortinet FortiGate 60E The security appliance is an excellent answer to this challenge. It is a small device designed to be installed at the gateway of a remote office or a small office.

It offers virus scanning, application filtering, VPN ASIC, firewall protection, intrusion prevention system, URL filtering, VPN support and web threat protection, and it works almost as soon as it is plugged in and connected to the wired gateway.

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Keep safety agile in traffic

Most next-generation firewalls and security appliances are difficult to manage, especially those that bundle multiple features into a single enclosure. Fortinet has simplified these functions, using a unified operating system called FortiOS 5 that drives every component, coupled with an easy-to-control graphical user interface.

It’s also easy to create unique firewall rules for each location’s equipment and user needs, and the 60E can store up to 5,000 of them. The fact that each feature shares a common interface means that learning to program one is the same as mastering all the others.

The FortiGate 60E has proven to be more than capable of handling the kind of traffic generated by a small or even a midsize office. In stress testing, it was able to process 25,000 new sessions per second and over half a million concurrent TCP sessions with no signs of slowing down – and it’s actually rated to go higher.

The maximum total throughput is 3 gigabits per second, which is probably more than what a branch office of any business will need. Given the capacity, however, businesses could configure and protect up to 10 virtual domains.

For good protection and ease of use, businesses with small installations will find the Fortinet FortiGate 60E perfectly suited.

Reinforcements are ready to assist the FortiGate 60E

The Fortinet FortiGate 60E Next Generation Security Appliance is a powerful defensive tool designed to drop into a small office or branch office to provide robust protection against a variety of threats. However, it is also part of a family of devices designed to work together for even greater security.

I happened to have Fortinet hardware in the lab from previous reviews including an email and a sandboxing tool. Like the FortiGate 60E, they are built around a common architecture that streamlines throughput and prioritizes rapid protection actions.

It is conceivable that branch offices of extremely security-conscious companies want a little more protection than the 60E offers, for example, the ability to sandbox files. Fortunately, the common interface makes it easy to add other Fortinet devices as needed.

Using the FortiGate 60E GUI, it was easy to set up an automatic process that sent certain files to the sandbox for further analysis. It was just as easy to send them back when finished, or to schedule automatic actions on the 60E if threats were detected.

Realistically, the similarity between Fortinet devices these days means adding new devices is almost no more difficult than adding a software module.

Offices that don’t mind losing some of the basic simplicity of the FortiGate 60E can easily add more protection to their defenses and continue to manage almost everything from a central location.


NEW SESSIONS SUPPORTED: 30,000 per second
DIMENSIONS: 6.3×8.5×1.5 inches
WEIGHT: 1.98 lbs

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