Clean more easily with the innovative Venetio rotary mop, now at 40% off


No one likes to do chores, but everyone likes having a clean house.

While cleaning is a reality we all have to deal with, there are ways to make the process smoother, easier, and faster, so you can start doing the things you actually love again. Finding a device that improves the cleaning process in a way that also speeds it up is a godsend – and there are plenty of devices that can give your home a more efficient cleaning in a faster amount of time. Picking up one can get your chores done in an instant, getting you back to reading, cooking, exercising or spending time with family.

The Venetio IMOP Microfiber Mop is now available, which is currently enjoying an additional 15% off as part of our pre-Black Friday sale, for only $ 41.64 when you use the promo code SAVE15NOV at the register. Make mopping a lot easier with this innovative household cleaning device.

The Venetio IMOP Microfiber Mop, which has a high 4.2 out of five star rating on Amazon, means you can mop your floors with confidence using the innovative mop system.

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The IMOP uses a patented water filtration system, which means the mop head is truly particle-free after every cleaning in the included mop bucket. Using the power of a rapid agitator and filtered water station to clean and replenish the mop head, the IMPO uses the perfect amount of moisture for a flawless cleaning experience. It is extremely efficient and effective, and uses less effort than other types of mops.

The compact design is also lightweight, and the bucket uses only half a gallon of water. The included reusable microfiber mop heads quickly absorb dirt, dust, and pet hair, and the bucket’s built-in scrub brush rinses everything off in moments.

The Venetio IMOP Microfiber Mop is currently discounted for a pre-Black Friday sitewide sale, just $ 41.64 with code SAVE15NOV. Make your cleaning easier and clean your home with this innovative system.

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