AVVIR Partners With Bar-Ilan University To Launch Unique Air Filter That Turns Any Air Conditioner Into A Weapon Against COVID-19

As we enter a new year of a global pandemic, startups, businesses and educational institutions are proposing new ways to eradicate or reduce the COVID-19 threat and increase public safety, especially in the light of the ever-increasing number of variants discovered. and spread. Currently, solutions to kill the virus include bipolar ionization, far UVC light, and other emerging technologies. Add your solutions to the mix AVVIR, the innovation division of AL Group – a provider of advanced filtration solutions – has launched IN-EX, a medical grade and scientifically proven indoor safety air filter that turns the existing air conditioning unit into an advanced air purifier.

AVVIR has partnered with scientists at Bar-Ilan University on a mission to make travel safer with an easily implementable, cost-effective, science-based filtration solution.

The IN-EX solution, recently integrated into the The ten best emerging technologies in chemistry of 2021 by the International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), harnesses unique sonochemical coating technology to convert any air filter into a machine to kill viruses and bacteria.

So why would a solution like this be a great alternative to Far-UVCs, which can also eradicate COVID-19 from indoor spaces?

“Far UVC devices require a power source,” Boaz Roseman, CEO of AL Group, told me. “On the other hand, our filter does not require any energy source, nor any structural additions or special maintenance. In addition, the additional cost of the filter is low. IN-EX is simply the same as the existing air filter which has been treated and made into an antibacterial, without any change in its size and shape.

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) alongside social distancing has helped limit the spread of COVID-19, but many commuters are exposed to the virus every day. In June, the Centers for Control and Disease Prevention confirmed: “Travel increases your chances of contracting and spreading COVID-19.” Understandably, about half of U.S. commuters use public transit services less frequently due to the pandemic, according to a survey by Moovit.

To restore public confidence, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been circled as an area of ​​the highest priority. And because improving IAQ relies on increasing the amount of outside air introduced and cleaning the recirculated air, filtration systems that effectively reduce particulate matter can be a critical insurance to purify the air. air of the commuters of tomorrow.

The air filter is covered with a unique and patented sonochemical technology, which initiates a chemical reaction with ultrasonic energy. The agreement between AL Group and the University of Bar-Ilan was carried out by Birad, a research and development company serving as the commercial arm of Bar-Ilan University.

Tested in third-party laboratories, it was found to be 99.15% effective against SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), influenza and other airborne viruses. The company claims that the filter is not only water resistant and incredibly durable, managing to withstand high temperatures and intense airflow, but it also reduces foul odors born from bacterial growth.

The company claims that the air filter has a long service life.

“The IN-EX anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating does not affect the life of the filter, which means the user must change the filter according to the manufacturer’s usual instructions, typically annually or every 15,000 km, to mechanical reasons for a filter, ”says Roseman.

After activation, it takes 30-40 seconds for a small to medium-sized vehicle using IN-EX to be considered safe to breathe. The filter is designed to be easy to install, assemble and replace. It does not require a power source and is made from natural, environmentally friendly and economical materials.

Its users can combine it with additional filter layers such as carbon or HEPA to help create a multi-functional cabin air filter. IN-EX has wide applicability for the automotive industry and interior spaces, which can help transform hesitant passengers into satisfied and protected travelers.

“The main strength of our IN-EX filter is that it is a simple and cost effective solution,” said Roseman. “No additional equipment or devices are needed – you replace the existing filter with the IN-EX filter. Our pricing model varies depending on the current configuration.

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