Aquatic Center Announces Annual Closure Aug. 15-Sept. 5 to Attend to New Equipment and Maintenance – Los Alamos Reporter


Los Alamos County aquatics and project management staff coordinated efforts to improve aquatic center operations in two ways: performing regular preventative maintenance of the pool surface to ensure long-term uninterrupted use, and installing and adjust the associated improved water filter. with the project, provide aquatic center staff with tools and training on new equipment to ensure proper operation and maintain water safety standards.

The therapy pool is scheduled to close from August 15 and is expected to reopen on September 5 The Olympic pool is scheduled to close from August 19 and is also expected to reopen on September 5 to allow for the completion of various projects related to the aquatic center upgrade and preventative maintenance items.

The teams will fine-tune the improved filtration system of the Olympic swimming pool installed as part of the Leisure Lagoon project. This work includes:

• Installation of new flow meters to help staff monitor water system flow. • Installation of new electrical relays for the automation of the water system.

• Repair a leaking section of pipe.

• Finalization of the water system and training of personnel on the new equipment.

The preventative maintenance work that will be carried out by Aquatic Center staff includes:

• Draining of the two swimming pools

• Repaint the walls of the therapeutic pool

• Resurfacing of the Olympic swimming pool

• Deep cleaning of all locker rooms

• Repaint the deck hatches

• Other necessary maintenance from daily use

Work on the leisure lagoon continues, but significant delays in the supply chain of the remaining electrical components needed to operate the pool water system have caused disruptions to the project. Upon arrival and installation, the new pool will be plastered and then filled with water for hardening, and the water system can then be fine-tuned. Completion of this work is scheduled for mid-October pending the arrival of all remaining electrical components.

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