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Algonac Town Council approved a handful of items at its August 3 meeting.

Council members approved the second salary estimate for stormwater sewer cleaning and broadcasting, asset management and wastewater.

“Algonac was awarded a three-year SAW grant through the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and the City Council approved engineering services for the asset management plans of the SAW grant at their August 18, 2020 meeting,” said Mayor Terry Stoneburner. “Sewer cleaning and TV broadcasting is one of the tasks to be done with SAW grant funds. City Council awarded this contract to Doetsch Environmental Services on November 16, 2021. Ninety percent of the costs are reimbursable through the SAW grant.

Council Member Corey Blair moved a motion to approve the second sewer cleaning and broadcast salary estimate for work completed April 30 to June 30 at Doetsch Environmental Services in the amount of $86,564.95.

Council member Rocky Gillis asked if the city received copies of any videos taken. City Manager Denice Gerstenberg said yes, the city will get copies.

Gillis also asked if this was something that had already been done in Algonac. Gerstenberg said she had documents showing that there were TV shows about the sewers in 1999.

The board approved the motion unanimously. Mayor Pro Tem Michael Bembas and council member Jacob Skarbek were absent.

Next, the board unanimously approved a motion by Gillis to approve final payment for the water filtration building and roof upgrades to Brown-Schroeder & Co. in the amount of $120,169 as presented.

“On August 3, 2021, City Council approved upgrades to the water filtration building and roof, which included awarding the bid to Brown-Schroeder & Co. in the amount of $111,319, plus a contingency fund of $15,000, for the total amount of the project being $126,319. “, Stoneburner said. “The price was approved by the Clay Township Board of Directors on July 19, 2021. There was a change order to rework the brickwork at the perimeter of the building for the amount of $8,850 The total and final cost of the project is $120,169 The contractor has provided all warranty documents.

The third board item under new business was to approve repayment of the sewage treatment plant bar screen project loan.

“In 2014, St. Clair County began a $585,000 project to replace the sewage plant’s bar screen,” Stoneburner said. “This project was funded by the State of Michigan Clean Water Revolving Fund. A screen is a filtration system designed to remove objects from wastewater and protect pumps from clogging. This is the first level of filtration used by wastewater treatment plants.

She said that every year Algonac contributes $75,000 and the townships of Clay and Ira each contribute $87,500 to an equipment replacement fund, and then St. Clair County makes payments from that fund. to the Michigan State Clean Water Revolving Fund.

“The State of Michigan recently provided $198,469.24,” Stoneburner said. “To make the final payment on the loan, St. Clair County requires written approval from each community to pay the loan balance from the Equipment Replacement Fund.”

Blair introduced a motion to approve repayment of the sewage treatment plant bar screen project loan, as requested by the St. Clair County Department of Public Works, with funds from the Replacement Fund sewage treatment plant equipment in the amount of $198,469.24 to the State of Michigan’s Clean Water Revolving Fund and authorize the City Manager to sign the authorization form on behalf of from the city.

The board approved the motion unanimously.

Finally, the board unanimously approved a motion by Gillis to approve a one-year maintenance contract for 24-hour monitoring of chlorine levels at Hach in the amount of $3,786.

“The water treatment plant has three CL-17 online chlorine analyzers and a benchtop turbidimeter,” Stoneburner said. “These analyzers monitor chlorine in the distribution system. The current maintenance contract with Hach has expired and Hach is the sole maintenance provider for these instruments. The State of Michigan requires 24-hour online monitoring of analyzers. Renewing the contract with Hach is recommended to keep the system compliant with EGLE requirements.

“I would just like to thank Sunny Jacob, our water department superintendent, for always being on top of our filtration system for our fresh water,” Blair said. “Thanks.”

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