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Even if things start to creep (slowly) back to normal, it’s safe to say that we’ll be spending a lot of time at home. Facebook certainly thinks so, as it is once again investing in its video chat technology with some new portability updates and business plans. If nothing else, it’s a good reminder that – from our coffee makers to our bar carts – we certainly have other things we are looking to invest in around the house. Whether it’s a new take on The Maccallan or a cargo pocket version of a men’s training pant, this is the gear to stay on top today.

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Tough, durable and ready for fall: tap into Thursday Boot Co.’s Captain Boot.

Presented by Thursday Boot Company

For a boot that’s designed to handle anything thrown at it (and that looks just as sturdy while doing so), check out Thursday Boot Company’s Captain Boot. Handcrafted with integrity, you’ll find a stitched Goodyear sole, level 1 cowhide upper, Kevlar blend laces, and shock-absorbing antimicrobial insoles, all for under $ 200.


Facebook doubles video streaming with new portal upgrades.

Facebook’s investment in home technology and video streaming expands with the launch of its third-generation portal. The main highlight includes the portable Portal Go for $ 199, which has a ten-inch display and five hours of battery life (with up to 14 hours of use if you opt for voice-only calls).


Nutribullet’s new coffee maker asks the question: coffee pods or filter coffee?

Look, we’re not the biggest fans of coffee pods, but we respect Nutribullet’s newest coffee maker, which allows for flexible brewing via coffee pods or a conventional coffee filter. Whether you’re a single cup or 12 cup lover, we can’t knock Nutribullet down to provide options for the caffeine junkie.


These aren’t your dad’s yoga pants (assuming your dad is doing yoga).

Alo has become a sneaky addition to the competitive workout wear market, rooted in the world of yoga. The Alo Venture Cargo Pants increase the bulk of basic workout bottoms, adding four cargo pockets and a bungee hem for waterproof pants that work whether you’re training or going out.


Maccallan introduces a 30-year-old option in its Double Cask series of single malts.

Adding a 30-year iteration to its Double Cask series, The Maccallan’s newest whiskey is aged in American and European oak barrels, delivering both the sweetness of sherry-aged oak with the classic profile of aged Maccallan single malt. in European oak barrels. A profile that blends ginger, vanilla, dried fruit and caramel, this is one of the most complex bottles in The Maccallan’s offering.


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